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April, 2010

Rattlesnake in the back yard…

It must be spring because there was a rattlesnake in the back yard (again). I think it’s the fourth one in four years. It was a baby (the most dangerous kind) and the gardener found it, right under my peach tree. He was pulling weeds with no gloves on so I scolded him and gave him a pair of my thick gloves. When I looked out the window a few minutes later, they were in his back pocket. Oh well, he has never been bitten so I guess I won’t worry about it. But now I’m afraid to go outside. I’m staying in to bake cookies.

Under-eye baggage

Dear Jenny,

Do you have any tricks for under-eye bags?  I’ve had them for years and have tried everything but nothing seems to work.  Please help! – Anne D.

Dear Anne,

I know they say that placing cucumbers, raw potato slices, or tea bags, etc. on the eyes can help but that doesn’t seem practical because you have to stop what you’re doing, lie down, etc., plus I’m not sure those things even work. If you’ve had this for a long time, one thing to realize is that it can just be hereditary or it could also be caused by allergies, either known or possibly some you are not aware of. And the cause could be dietary. So the first thing I would do is look at your salt intake. If you start reading labels you may be shocked to see how much salt is in so many foods, like canned products and microwave popcorn, and certainly restaurant food. If you can seriously cut down your salt, which makes the body retain fluids, you may see a difference. A healthy diet with lots of fresh fruit & vegetables can only help, avoiding too much sugar and caffeine (so soft drinks are out). Also, try not sleeping on your side or stomach. I hope this helps – let me know.


Easter Sunday…

It’s Easter Sunday and there was a big earthquake in Baja, not too far from here although I didn’t feel a thing. Denis and I were driving at the time because I wanted to go to the mall. I hadn’t been to the Westside Pavillion for a long time and thought it would be fun, as long as parking wasn’t too crazy. Well, we found parking… lots of parking. It was closed. Since when do the malls close for Easter? It’s not a national holiday. So we decided to go the the mall in Beverly Hills. It’s not a Jewish holiday so this one must be open. We got there and parking was not a problem. Neither was shopping because everything there was closed too, except the Gap, which was jammed because everybody else thought the mall was open. Once the shopping momentum starts, it’s hard to stop. I got 2 hoodies marked down from 39.99 to 14.99, both fluorescent colors to be visible when I go walking. Tonight I made oatmeal cookies and cinnamon raisin bread. Denis got me a chocolate Easter bunny and I ate some of that too. I need to learn restraint. I’ll walk it all off tomorrow, in my fluorescent fifteen dollar hoodie.

April Fools

It’s April Fools Day and I always wonder how that got started. Do you suppose some guy was trying to impress a woman: “I’ve got a private jet waiting to take you to Paris for lunch. Join me in a drink?” And she says, “Do I get to ride to the airport in that Ford Fiesta I saw you pull up in?” Guy says, “I was kidding!!! There’s no jet. It’s April 1st and that’s April Fools Day in my country. It’s what we do. Gotcha! Now, how about that drink?”