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February, 2012

Bug Porn

Maybe it’s the romantic ocean breezes here in California because I see things. Nasty things. There are things going on out here, in broad daylight, and they don’t even try to hide when I sneak up and yell, “Get a room!”I think this one needs a caption…

He loves me.

Look what I got for Valentine’s Day!

He loves me.

I know he does because…

1) He takes out the trash.

2) I went to the mall once without my wallet and he drove there and rendezvous’d with me in the parking lot, handed me my wallet, and drove home.

3) He’s not afraid of big spiders.

That’s all I need… and the chocolates.

Black History Month

February is Black History Month – a good time to recognize just some of the things we take for granted every day that were invented by black people:

Air conditioning

Blood bank

Carbon-filament light bulb

Cell phone

Clothes dryer



Fire escape ladder

Fire extinguisher

First open heart surgery

Fitted sheet

Folding chair

Fountain pen

Gas mask

Golf tee




Internal combustion engine

Ironing board

Key chain

Lawn mower



Peanut butter

Pencil sharpener

Potato chips

Printing press

Railroad switch


Rotary engine


Spark plug

Spring seat for cars


Street sweeper

Traffic light