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April, 2013

Spring is here… so what?

Is everybody happy that spring is finally here? Me… not so much. I was happy until a series of events have put me on edge. First thing: There was a spider in the bathroom. Second: Last week there was a baby rattle snake in the backyard. The gardeners got rid of it but what if his mom, the big one, comes looking for her son?? Third thing:  Denis and I were standing out in the backyard last night around 6:00 (it was still very light), watching the hummingbirds, when a skunk walked right past us – like we were invisible. I went for my camera but Denis said not to make any sudden moves – if he feels threatened, he could spray us. Mr. Skunk strolled away like he owned the place. Now I can’t just walk outside carefree any more. In the morning I have to watch where I step not to corner a rattle snake, and in the late afternoon I have to look over my shoulder for the skunk. And as if spiders, snakes, and skunks weren’t enough… the tomato plant came back! YES!! IT’S BACK!! In the exact same spot, right between the roses.

It’s just a little sprout right now but that’s all it was last year and I wound up picking over 8,000 tomatoes! I’m not doing that again! I don’t care how delicious and sweet those cherry tomatoes were…. oh, they were soooo good…. well, maybe I’ll just pick the first five thousand. The rabbit can have the rest.

Pass the bamboo

Denis and I took a weekend getaway to the San Diego Zoo. We saw a lot of animals but nothing compared to seeing this giant panda in person. This was not what I expected. It’s much bigger than I thought – about 5 to 6 feet tall. We watched him for about ten minutes and all he did was eat, eat, eat. He stuffed himself on huge branches of bamboo. It’s no wonder he was lying back like that – just like us after Thanksgiving dinner… in a recliner, can’t get up, need a nap.

It’s Payback Time in Boston

Well it didn’t take long for authorities in Boston to take care of business. It looks like payback time! One down…. one to go!

UPDATE 6:00 pm: One Dead. One Captured. Hey, S.W.A.T…. FBI… All you men who serve….




A few days after finding the hummingbird nest and egg by our front door, I checked inside with a mirror and saw a second egg.  I was so excited – we were having twins!
But after that, I never saw the parents again. I’ve been checking several times a day and have never seen anyone sitting on the eggs or any birds hovering around at all. It looks like the eggs have been orphaned.

Could it be that the second egg was dropped there by a different mother and now there’s a dispute about who’s the baby daddy?  Why else would they be abandoned?

This animal lover needs support

I just received a heart breaking message from a stranger with a sick dog. J.S. is struggling with a very difficult decision and I’m hoping some of my animal-loving friends can lend some support. Here is the note…

“My first dog,at only 8,was diagnosed with a terminal illness that 2 vets said there was nothing to do. A small dog should live twice that. He too was a rescue. He wasnt supposed to live thru Jan 2013 & here we are April 7. I’m on disability for treatment resistant depression and anxiety, so I’m terrified about how I’ll react and whether this will devastate me beyond repair. Very isolated so he’s really been a friend and for the first time in my life learned about unconditional love. Not working,I’ve spentore time with my pet than most. His belly is full of fluids and vets day trying to drain it would be expensive,temporary,require anesthesia and risk puncturing an organ. Logically I know its not my fault yet feel guilty .. Everyone’s told me Ive done what I can,rescued this dog, gave him a loving life. He’s not able to digest protein so he’s lost muscle & nutrients..weaker and losing fur. The fluid however is increasing his weight and he looks like he’s 15 months pregnant. I fear hell explode. Feel helpless ..don’t know when or if to put him down or how to tell if he’d suffering. Have to think he’s at least uncomfortable…but he’s still eating, likes to go for a walk and occasionally wags his ewhat to do…I will freak out anyway…can’t imahine taking him to be killed. OR putting him in a trash bag to be cremated
.waking up and finding him listless. Told putting him to sleep — really murder—is an act of love..yet my existing in misery in physical and emotional doesn’t deserve the same as a canine. Go figure.


(April 8th) Below is the beautiful poem sent by Sue…

Baby on board

We’re having a baby! Every time we opened the front door we saw a hummingbird fly away from the vines over the porch. So we started looking closely and finally spotted this tiny nest (it’s only about 1 1/2-inches across). I had to know what was inside so I used a mirror and look! There’s an egg! We’re having another baby! The egg is only about 1/4-inch long. Last year there were two eggs in a different area that hatched and grew and now we get to see it again. This nest is only about a foot over our heads and centered right over where we walk, so every time the door opens, the mother will panic. These aren’t the smartest birds anyway. Who else would choose a diet of sugar water all day? Hey, maybe that’s why they can fly at 60 miles per hour!