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January, 2011

Real parsley earrings

I’ve saved every earring since 1983
Can you guess what the total might be?
I have gold-dipped parsley, even my birthstone
Suppose you can guess how many I own?

Oh earrings of mine, I can’t let you go
Especially the ones that sparkle and glow
Some are loud, some long enough to trip on
One was so huge it had to be a clip on.

I’m ready to send you a Visa gift card
To win a hundred simoleons, it’s not very hard
Pick the right number, hit “submit” to send
You’ll know if you won by work week’s end.

Without going over, come closest to how many
One guess per person. Yours truly, Jenny. 🙂

Mrs. News’ beautiful caps

Wow! The chemo-caps that Kathy (aka Mrs. News) is crocheting are beautiful! She has made over 200 caps to donate to cancer patients going through chemo. What a wonderful gift this must be to those receiving treatment, not just the cap itself, but the message of support that comes with it, knowing that a stranger took the time to send love to someone in need. Kathy is living proof that everyone can make a difference.

Ladies who lunch

Two lunches in one week – I must be one of those “ladies who lunch.”  But this time it was seeing an old friend, a  woman who worked with me during the entire 12-year run of my show so there was lots of catching up.  We met at the Marmalade Cafe in Calabasas and as soon as we sat down, a woman at the next table said, “Excuse me, but can I ask you a question?” Trying to appear humble, I was all prepared to say, “Why yes, I am the talk show host,” but instead, she threw me a curve.  “What do you do to have such beautiful skin?” She apologized for interrupting but said my skin was absolutely glowing and then my lunch date said the same thing. This was not the first time I’ve been asked that but it always surprises me because my skin is just my skin -I don’t know – I never really notice it glowing. I told her it’s something I work on regularly, doing scrubs every day, as well as my own facials, and sunblock rain or shine, but I thought it was more my healthy diet: no soft drinks, no alcohol, no fried food, lots of salads, but occasional pizza and that burger at Daily Grill. Today I had actually used a Sisley moisturizer that costs more than our lunch, the shoes I was wearing, and the new front tires on my car. But I switch products all the time and told her my skin looks the same when I use drug store products, too. Well, it was a nice compliment and it motivates me even more to keep taking care of my skin. Click below for My Six Step at Home Facial:

Backyard Visitor

We see lots of deer in the backyard but not many boys.

This guy didn’t mind me taking his picture at all.

In fact, he kind of stared at me, like I was interrupting his lunch.

I had my own lunch yesterday with the man who put my talk show on the air.  We caught up and  I was able to thank him again for giving me the opportunity that changed my life.  We went to the Daily Grill which has the best and biggest burgers, and I wanted a burger, but there’s no way to eat one and maintain your dignity, so I chose the decorum of a salad.  But I’m going back today to get the burger!

Week in Review

1. The Golden Globes should have been called the Golden Gloves. I was sure somebody would punch Ricky Gervais’s lights out in the green room for being so mean… but so funny…but so mean…but so funny…but… Ricky’s a good actor but don’t expect to see him in the next John Travolta movie.

2. Charlie Sheen seems to be headed down a very wrong path. I wonder if he even remembers half the stuff he’s doing. Do you suppose he shoved his own car down the ravine off Mulholland Drive and just forgot? Maybe he thinks he parked it there and walked up, wondering why his driveway seemed so steep.

3. Martha Stewart needed nine stitches for a split lip. She says her dog hit her in the face. That’s her story and she’s sticking to it.

4. Most famous people who engage in an act of career-damaging stupidity, check into rehab. But they’re usually famous for more than two days. Ted Williams, the homeless guy with the radio voice, couldn’t deal. Shoving him into the spotlight was like taking a priest to a strip club – too much too soon.

5. Regis Philbin is quitting his show? I was shocked… not that he was quitting, but that he’s still alive. 😉

Linda’s Back Yard Hawk

August 25, 2011

My “pet” red tailed hawk…in my backyard. Parents and 2babies. They love teasing my chihuahuas…actually dive bombing…maybe trying to feed their babies! Every morning….the hawk spends 2 hours keeping me company while I have coffee and read the paper.