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December, 2012

Unlikely visitors

Yesterday ┬ámorning, I spotted three coyotes in the backyard. We don’t usually see them during the day but this was 9:00 a.m.. I was at the kitchen window and saw some movement and assumed it was a deer but I still enjoy taking their pictures. So I grabbed the camera and ran out to find a very large coyote who stopped to look at me and then walked away.

I was about to leave when a second one came right behind, stopped in the same area, and then followed the first one up the hill.

Right after that, a third one emerged from behind a bush, stopped to look, and followed the others up the hill.

This was my first opportunity to see these wild animals up close and to take these amazing photos. We don’t usually see coyotes during the day, only at dusk, so I don’t know what brought them out. They really are beautiful creatures!

Yolanda Adams

Christmas shows were always my favorite because we featured children’s talent. In 1998, after all the children performed, we had a special guest star, gospel singer Yolanda Adams. Here she is singing “O Come All Ye Faithful.” If any of the children who performed on this show see this, please let us know where you are today. Enjoy…

Over 7,000 Tomatoes!

This is a number I never expected to reach. The new total after today’s pick is 7,008! I used to joke about still picking tomatoes on Christmas Day but that’s exactly what’s going to happen. There are still hundreds of green ones but guess what? There are new branches still popping up with yellow flowers, waiting to become even more tomatoes. I’m tired. I think I hate tomato soup now. People are avoiding me, afraid I’ll show up with another bag of tomatoes. “Here comes Farmer Jones again with another sack. Quick! Lights off, shades down, nobody’s home.”