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September, 2010

My sister’s in town

My sister’s in town for three days from Canada!

She missed the scorcher by one day and today the weather is great.  Now we’re off for some fun.

Does she want to see Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills? Does she want to see the Hollywood sign?  Or stick her toes in the Pacific Ocean? Uh… no.  She wants to go to thrift shops!  So we’re off to the Goodwill and Salvation army stores – fun for me, too.

There’s just one thing bothering me…

What if she buys something that I gave away last year?

It’s time to open a can of Whoop Ass.

It’s time to open a can of Whoop Ass.  In fact, let’s make it a 6-pack.  High blood pressure is not good for any of us and there are some people who are putting MY health and well being at risk and possibly yours.  When I see these people on the news, the stress overtakes me.  I want to reach into the screen, grab them, and grab my can of whoop ass, all for reasons of selfishness, arrogance, narcissism, greed, or just plain stupidity. I have one opening left if anyone wants to help finish the list:

~~ Dina Lohan

~~ Mel Gibson

~~ Paris Hilton

~~ The guy who ran BP

~~ Octomom

~~     ?

Afternoon at the Getty

The Getty Museum is fantastic!  Denis has friends in town so we all went for the afternoon. It’s on top of a hill so after parking, you take a tram up the hill to the museum.  

It’s just stunning.  The buildings (there are a few) are all white and they have the most beautiful formal garden. Of course I took my camera. Even if we had all day we could never have seen all the exhibits but now I know how great it is and can go back.

As we were going in, Denis spotted a praying mantis sitting on the stone. It let me get really close and didn’t move so I took this picture.  I think I’ll put it in my photo section too.

Meantime, while I was away, Damon posted some new videos on the site. There’s a brand new Talk Show Video Highlights page with clips from my show, with a new one on Child Stars and also Chubby Checker singing The Twist. I found some boxes of tapes so there are more clips coming soon.  But don’t expect more bloopers any time soon.  I have to wait until I make a mistake and as you know, that could take years!  😉

Me? Make mistakes? Never.

I never ever make mistakes when shooting those How-To videos in the kitchen. Even if I did, which I never do, but even if I did, and even if I posted them here, you would see that to call them mistakes would not truly represent the nature of those mistakes, which I never make, but even if I did,  they’re not really mistakes. Even if they were mistakes, which they aren’t, you would see they are simply a brief moment of misapprehension that occurs, a faux pas if you will, or even if you won’t.   So you can look at them if you want to, or even if you don’t, the bloopers, which they’re not, because I never make mistakes, are with the How-To videos. No laughing.

Wanted posters in Beverly Hills

I woke up to helicopter sounds again this morning and noticed it was LAPD.  I’m pretty sure they were looking for the guy who recently killed a bride-to-be in Studio City.  He’s been spotted in all the local canyons where I go walking with my camera and when I was out today, I saw a Wanted poster with his picture, saying he is dangerous and to call 9-1-1 if anyone sees him.  They say he’s been living in the canyons and on the news they showed police on horseback looking for him in the dense brush. It’s like being part of a murder mystery around here. You don’t see too many Wanted posters in Beverly Hills so I’m keeping the doors locked.   Hey Mister, good luck out there tonight with the rattlesnakes, coyotes, and bobcats!

I’m allergic to Macy’s

My eyes water.  My nose runs.  My throat tightens.  That’s what happens when I walk through Macy’s. What the H-E-double toothpicks is going on?  We went to the mall last night and they have a Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s. I have no problem at Bloomingdale’s but within seconds of entering Macy’s, I’m reaching for a tissue.  I know that I react to dust mites and pollen but why Macy’s?  Then I remembered that I had the same reaction in Sears’ clothing department and also at Joann Fabrics.  I wonder if it’s a reaction to fabric dyes… maybe cheaper fabric dyes… because this never happens as Saks. I’m dead serious.  Macy’s, Sears,  and Joann’s. I can smell whatever is in the fabrics, especially when there’s a lot of it. Maybe it’s because the clothes at Macy’s and Sears are more plentiful and crammed and Joann Fabrics is loaded, wall-to-wall with fabrics. Weird, huh? It appears that for medical reasons, I may be forced to shop at Saks. Life is hard. j/k 😉

Back off, squirrels.

My pomegranates are turning redder every day.  So far, none of my varmints have taken any but I won’t be complacent.  All you squirrels, coyotes, bobcats,  raccoons, skunks & snakes better watch out. Nobody is taking my pomegranates!

p.s. I just heard from Yelena, the winner of our “Guess my Mileage” contest.  She said… “Thank you Jenny, I did receive a $100 gift card. And no, it is not going to be a trip to the Steak House. It will provide a whole month of groceries for my family (Yes, that is right…. with groceries coupons and Buy one-Get one deals- you can comfortably live on $100 a mo) Thank you Jenny!!! Good luck with all your projects!!”

A New Toy!

I just entered the 21st century with my new Droid-X.  It makes my Blackberry seem like it could be worth something – at an antique shop!  So many bells & whistles that I’ll need to learn, but what fun!  

It’s good to finally be at par with most seven-year-olds.

Inside a Pomegranate

Here’s a picture I took of an open pomegranate.  

They are believed to protect you against cancer, heart disease, premature aging, Alzheimer’s, osteoarthritis, diabetes, wrinkles, and its iron content is good for anemia. I’ve seen skin creams made with pomegranate too.

A pomegranate contains three times the antioxidants of green tea. Now you know why planted my own tree.