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Senior Discount

I turned 78 today. Technically, I’m in my 79th year and that means I’m approaching 80! I think I still look good but when I ask for my senior discount, nobody ever says, “Com’on now…. really?” 😀

My Glass Teapot Arrived!

Maybe it was hard to see the bright red “Fragile” sign on the box.

Maybe it fell off the truck on a hill and catapulted down into a concrete wall.

Maybe they sat on it to have lunch.

In any case, the teapot survived. It’s good to anticipate the worst but hope for the best.

I Grew My Own Cucumbers!

Where did I go wrong? I bought the plant, put it in the ground, and waited. I saw yellow flowers, then tiny little cuces starting to grow. This was so exciting! There’s no cucumber school but how hard could it be? I present here two of my better looking cucumbers: One is curled up like it’s taking a nap and the other one… well I don’t know what happened there.

On the bright side, even the squirrels didn’t want them and they tasted pretty good, after the challenging surgical process of trying to peel them. Next year: tomatoes! 🍅

Brooke Shields on the Jenny Jones Show

It was 1991, my first year on television, and my first big star interview. I was a bit nervous but Brooke Shields was so down to earth and easy to talk to. She openly talked about her career, her love life, pet peeves, and even took questions for the audience. She was super nice and the audience loved her.

Gone Too Soon

coolio_on_jenny_jonesCoolio appeared on my talk show with his son, who was following in his dad’s footsteps in music. As big a star as Coolio was, he was really down to earth and just a really nice guy. I’m so sorry to hear that he passed away unexpectedly yesterday at 59 years old. Gone too soon.

My Stepmother, Roula, has passed (1929-2022)

She was my father’s second wife and a true mother to me for over 65 years. Here she is, Roula Frangos, when she first met my father in 1955. You can see why he fell in love with her. She was beautiful inside and out. Roula was always kind to me, even when I was not so kind to her, dealing with my parents’ divorce and this new Greek woman in our lives. But I grew to love her and she loved me back, always supporting me in my dreams when no one else did. She celebrated my successes and picked me up whenever I failed.

When I finally made it, she used to carry my picture in her wallet so every time she opened it, someone would see it and say, “OMG, is that your daughter?” She was so proud of me and I loved her so much. Roula, I will miss you forever. ❤️ Rest In Peace.

R.I.P. Ivana Trump

Ivana Trump on Jenny Jones

Ivana Trump passed away today at the age of 73. She was a guest on my show in the 90s and the audience was thrilled to see her so glamorous and loaded with bling! She was already divorced from Donald at the time and engaged to another man. Ivana was a great guest, very forthcoming, and was happy to sign autographs after the show. RIP, lovely lady.



Here’s what happened in 1946:

~ First Corn Dog on a Stick.

~ Power steering was patented.

~ Bikinis were invented.

~ First electric clothes dryer.

~ Movie Premiere: It’s A Wonderful Life flopped at the box office. (a movie ticket cost 55 cents)

~ First class postage cost 3 cents/ a loaf of bread: 10 cents / a gallon of gas: 21 cents

~ Tupperware was invented.

~ Most Popular Song: Zip a Dee Do Dah

~ Most Popular Singer: Bing Crosby

~ Shemp replaced Curly on the Three Stooges.

~ I was born. Today is my Birthday!

Sad Loss of a Good Man

Bob Saget with Jenny Jones

Bob Saget was everything you have seen written about him since he suddenly passed away this week. He was simply one of the nicest people you could meet. I had the good fortune to be his opening act when we were both touring the comedy clubs in the early 1980s. Along with everyone else who ever knew him, I’m so sorry and still shocked at his sudden passing this week. May he rest in peace.

🎄 My Christmas Poem 🎄

It’s 2021 and Santa got woke
Saying he regrets some things that he spoke
“Ho Ho Ho” he will utter no more
Since one woman accused him of calling her a whore.

“He sees you when you’re sleeping…”
Is a phrase not to spout.
It seems the very idea
Was freaking people out.

He no longer asks if you’ve been naughty or nice
It got Santa in trouble and he’s paying a price
Seems he kept a secret list of naughty co-eds
And that did not sit well with the Feds.

Santa got a lawyer and then he cut a deal.
He rolled on the elves. S**t got real!
They were stealing candy canes and eating them too.
Now there are cameras, watching everything they do.

So things are back on track, good news for me and you.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2022. 🎉