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I Grew My Own Cucumbers!

Where did I go wrong? I bought the plant, put it in the ground, and waited. I saw yellow flowers, then tiny little cuces starting to grow. This was so exciting! There’s no cucumber school but how hard could it be? I present here two of my better looking cucumbers: One is curled up like it’s taking a nap and the other one… well I don’t know what happened there.

On the bright side, even the squirrels didn’t want them and they tasted pretty good, after the challenging surgical process of trying to peel them. Next year: tomatoes! 🍅

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  1. Jason Hayes says:

    Cucumbers are best grown from a trellis of some sort. The reason these did not turn out so well is uneven watering. Must must must be watered everyday. A slow soaking watering to get to the roots not just the plant. You do this with your tomatoes this year and they will grow to nice slicing size and round. If your tomatoes this year look small and uneven growth add water.. do not get the plant wet or it will start growing a fungus and ruin the crop. Also try adding fertilizer around the plant about 2 inches under the dirt not on top. That way it soaks in the ground and not just washed away.

  2. Carol says:

    Look for a straight, slicing variety and put up a trellis or fence so the cucumbers can climb on up. Made the mistake of growing Armenian cucumbers one year, what a surprise they were! Good luck and don’t give up. There are some wonderful varieties of tomatoes out there, too. So plant more than one variety. We live on a small farm in the Midwest and have a garden and I try something new almost every year. I am 72 and gardening keeps me young!

  3. Sue says:

    My beautiful mother died on Sept 3rd 23. I have been lost for months😔 This picture made me laugh and brought out my old sense of humor with my post above this one. My mom absolutely loved your recipes! She loved those Christmas cookies, pumpkin bars, strawberry cake I made for all her birthdays. The recipes are endless that I make and made for her. I know she would want me to tell you!

  4. Sue says:

    🙄…I don’t mean to say anything, but is this vegetable “peyronie’s disease”??🤭🤭

  5. Rhonda says:

    I’ve never tried growing cucumbers. Thought about it but maybe next spring I’ll try. I like growing tomatoes and strawberries. Glad the cucumbers you grew were tasty and not a waste. I’m surprised the squirrels didn’t like’em. They get in to everything, I thought…
    It’s good to see you post after sometime…
    Take care and Happy Holidays…

  6. Suzette F. says:

    Hi Jenny,
    I’ve never been successful with cukes, here in NV. I’ve tried everything. Your screwy cukes are fun to look at, but did they taste good????

  7. Melanie Hokulani says:

    Aloha Jenny! Just found you on YouTube & absolutely fell in love with your channel!
    Looked you up to see if you really were the Jenny Jones show host? I remember when I was growing up and a flood of nostalgia over came me! Got worried when I saw your last video was 5 years ago. Please please come back to YouTube and reconnect with your viewers! Especially the new ones. 💕 Oh! Mahalo for sharing your recipe book! So impressed with your thoughtfulness to help people with bettering their health instead of selling them. 🌺. The world really needs to see you & your video made me laugh, smile, giddily & excited to cook along with a friend. Hoping to see you soon as so many others are commenting to have you come back! Much Love & Aloha, Melanie Hokulani 🌺

  8. DrBOP says:

    Throw caution to the wind and grow some Yellow
    Brandywines along-side of the standard reds.
    Sweeter taste…..EXCELENT sliced thick on sammiches
    ….and makes a kooky spaghetti sauce that you can
    mess around with ;>)

  9. Dana says:

    Hi Jenny! It’s possible your cucumber vine had a mosaic virus, which will produce misshapen fruit. The vine might have had some yellowing or mottling on the leaves. I am glad the tasted good and glad to know you are growing your own!

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