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April, 2010

How to eat a calzone

I never thought to actually stick my entire face into a calzone to eat it, but it worked well for this little girl.  Ruby is the 15-month-old daughter of my website developer, Robert and his wife, Heather.  Robert swears this is a calzone but I still think it looks like a side of ham. 🙂 

How cute is she?  

You go, Ruby!

Lunch at the Polo Lounge

I had lunch today with my attorney and he picked the spot.  I’ve never been to the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel and what an experience!  They only have valet parking so I had to pull up in my dumpy old Lexus into what looked like a scene from a Turner classic movie.  They had Bentleys, Rolls Royces, a Maybach, and some other shiny cars I didn’t recognize but one of the dozen or more valets agreed to take my car.  Inside were the most beautiful people in the most beautiful clothes – one woman had a fox draped around her shoulders (with the face!!).  Luckily, I got seated right away so no one could study the $49 skirt I was wearing from Macy’s. It was the ultimate Hollywood experience.  I saw a couple of faces that might have cost more than those cars.

Our Date Night

Last night, Denis and I had a date night and went to see “Date Night” at the Arclight Cinema.  This is where you pay a little more (but not with our senior discounts!) and you get to pick the seats you want off a seating chart.  They also have more upscale snacks like their own caramel corn and high quality chocolates.  We didn’t get any snacks or popcorn but I brought my own red vines, but only two.  Then a real person comes out in front of the screen, welcomes everyone, gives us the rules, like no cell phones or texting, etc.   The movie was fun and I’d give it a 7 out of 10.  I love watching Steve Carrell.  We didn’t snack too much at the movie so we came home and finished off the pie.

More How-To videos

We spent the last two days shooting more How-To videos for this website.  I think everyone will like the healthier hot fudge sundae and my 50-50 tricks for staying healthy.  I hope to get them posted next week.

It’s freezing here in SoCal, and raining.  After the rain, I took a picture of a pansy in the back yard.

My new blog is here!

We just switched to the new server and my new blog is here!  It may take a few days for this site to be up to speed so please be patient while the web geeks do their thing.  Are you imagining a bunch of young guys with glasses wearing short-sleeved shirts and ties?  What, no women web geeks?  Of course not.  If women were doing it, we’d have been done two weeks ago  …just kidding, Robert 🙂  Besides, the women can’t do it – they’re in management.  Ouch!

I love hearing from former show staffers

My favorite thing is to hear from former show staffers and see what everyone is doing now.  Most of them are still working in television, three of them at Oprah, and a whole bunch in L.A.  I don’t hear much from the old crew in Chicago – Mike, Billy, Hippie, Joe, Rich….  How about it? Remember this staff trip to Cancun? Drop me a line!

Just days away from switching…

We are just days away from switching to a new and bigger server for this website! Along with the switch will be my new blog and shortly after that, we’ll be adding a bunch of new How-To videos. This time I’ll be doing my healthy hot-fudge sundae and a Dutch Baby pancake. I went out last night to get a few props for the new videos. My only goal is to motivate more people to cook and get healthy.

Spent the weekend running errands…

Spent the weekend running errands and working on my cookbook. I’ve decided it will be a cookie-only book because baking is what I do best. I set up my photo spot so I can take all the pictures like I did the last book. It rained last night, pretty hard but no leaks in the house. There were lots of hummingbirds in the back yard this morning.

Do Biore Strips Really Work?

Hi Jenny,

I happen to find your page because I was looking for foods that make your skin glow. I eat most of the stuff that you listed but was amazed by other things such as red peppers! I’m going to favorite your page. I like your skin routine as well. I’m going to go find me a clay mask. I was wondering do those biore strips really work? I have a few black heads or dark spots on my face, do you know what should I do to get rid of them?  Thank you kindly,  Janise.


I do believe the Biore strips work but it also helps to thoroughly clean your skin every day, and if your skin is oily, use an oil-free moisturizer so your pores don’t get clogged. Take care.