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July, 2011

Matt needs advice

why am i unloveable, I am rencently devoriced my wife of 5 years was cheating on me I found out several time and I forgave her and tried to more on eventily she told me she need to sleep with other men because she did not love me that way. after i was devoriced a ex contacted and told me how much she missed  me and we went out a few times, then she told me that she loved me she did not love me what ever that means. then 2 day ago a woman i have know for 20 year invited me out to a movie, we flirted over dinner and in the movie held hands like we were teenagers. we end up back at her place and we end up making out, we arranged to meet the next night and we ended up in bed. today she told me she wishes she could love me and she tried to want to be with me but she can’t.

So i ask the question whats wrong with me. i see very little reason to get up tomorrow. it is hard to go thru this world even harder when you alone

We have a winner

Who can resist a free contest? Not my squirrels. The contest started this morning and we already have a winner!

Oh wait! Make that TWO winners.

Our Critter Trapper had to make two trips today. Before you get all mushy and feel sorry for these mangy, rat-faced, no-good, low-life, beady-eyed, scum-sucking, tomato-stealing squirrels, by law they just get picked up and relocated a few miles away. They get turned in to a nature preserve somewhere. I’d rather see them turned into a wallet… call it a squallet.

“Here, squirrely, squirrely….”

I’ve taken Anonymous’s advice and we’re holding an open house for the squirrel. It’s a lovely buffet of his favorite snack: organic tomatoes. We’re thinking about playing some music and serving cocktails under the pomegranate tree. We even invited all his friends: a couple of rabbits, rats, coyotes, bobcats, and a special shout out to all the rattlesnakes in the area. I hope the squirrel appreciates the special private room we set up just for him. Once he’s inside it turns into a party bus so he can feast on tomatoes as he gets to ride down the freeway and then off to an adventure down a canyon road where he and his tomatoes will get thrown… oops I mean will be dropped off in a… sanctuary… yeah that’s it… a squirrel sanctuary. I think it’s called the I Hope You Choke On Tomatoes and Die Sanctuary. Party on.

Our Sue needs advice

I know I’m a regular but I am dealing with a situation that makes me sick!  One of my best friends cheated on her husband and had a baby boy with this man.  Ofcourse she got divorced because her husband could not deal with it.  But this little boy is now 4 years old and she is no longer with the man she cheated with.  He texts her and says horrible things to her and is abusive!  Recently, her little boy has been displaying signs of being child molested. 🙁  My friend hired an attorney and the little boy won’t tell the court what is happening to him because his daddy told him, “You will never see me again”  She cries all the time. Little K comes home and M doesn’t know what to do.  She hired an attorney and she is trying to help little K tell the truth.  He has told her about being in the shower with him and what happens.  OMG this is a sick man and this is an innocent little boy who had nothing to do with his daddy’s abuse. I love this little boy, he deserves to live a peaceful, normal and healthy life.  What do you do when the little victim is too afraid to tell the truth?  My heart feels soooo heavy and I just want to puke!  God Bless You little K, my heart cries for him and his mom who can’t protect him until K tells the truth.  BTW, this jackass’s uncle was just recently arrested for child pornography.  Now we know how he got sick but how can they repeat the same crime against somebody so innocent who had nothing to do with it?????? Oh, my heart cries for this boy and his mom who is doing everything she can to get him away from this sickkkooooo!!!!  Please any attorneys or my JJ friends help!  🙁


Butterfly Pavilion

I played hooky yesterday (from what? I don’t have a job!) and went to the Butterfly Pavilion at the museum. I go there every year and it’s an awesome experience. They put up a small tent and hundreds of butterflies fly around freely, often landing on the visitors. Everyone brings a camera. I was there over an hour taking pictures and eight different times, someone said, “There’s a butterfly on your hat!” I was wearing a white hat and they kept landing on my head. Why me? I don’t know. Maybe they were trying to send me a message: “You got your pictures, now get out! We’re tired of posing for you people and we’d like some peace and quiet. Get out now or we’ll poop on your head!”

Angela needs advice

I have never in my life asked anyone for advise but I am going to now. Four years ago I met and fell in love with a wonderful man 18 years older than me. Before that I was a single mom raising my son on my own. Jim has come into our lives and has taken an active role in teaching my son how to be a man and take care of things. We are getting married in less than a month and my parents have “concerns”. I am a 39 year old successful woman and I don’t understand their concerns or their lack of excitement for us. I know I can not change the way they feel but how do I bring this up to them. It is very hurtful that they are not excited for the day or Jim and I. What do I do let it go or say something?

(does anyone have advice for Angela?)

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What’s a good sunscreen?

Hi Jenny, with the summer coming up (I’m in Toronto), what sunscreen would you recommend?

Thanks! 🙂


Dear Ksu,

You’re smart to be using sunscreen for two reasons. One is the risk of skin cancer and two is the long term damage and accelerated aging of your skin. I don’t think the brand matters as much as the active ingredients so you have to read the labels and always look for “broad spectrum” which means is protects from UVA which damages & ages  the skin, and UVB which burns the skin and can cause skin cancer. I use two different formulas. One is a combination of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. I have sensitive skin so this causes less reactions for me.  The other is Neutrogena with Helioplex. They make several products with Helioplex up to 110 SPF although I’ve read that anything over 30 is overkill and not necessary.

I’m currently using Neutrogena Age Shield Face (SPF 110) and Neutrogena Sport Face SPF 70 which is sweatproof, as well as DDF Organic Sun Protection and Skinceuticals Physical UV Defense, both with titanium & zinc, both SPF 30.  I alternate but I like them all and never have sun damage. But I also don’t expose myself to the sun by wearing wide brimmed hats and long sleeves, etc. so I don’t need body sunblock but Nuetrogena makes plenty of options for the whole body too. Remember though, even with a high SPF sunscreen, if you lay out all day, you will get sun damage so stay in the shade. You might not get that summer tan that we used to think was cool, but you’ll be rewarded later on with smooth and healthy skin.


I Give Up

I went out to check my pomegranate tree today and they’re gone. My pomegranates are gone! I checked them last week. I had about thirty and they were getting bigger every week. And now they’re gone. They were still rock hard so I didn’t think anything would go after them (they don’t get ripe until October so they had a long way to go). I looked around the area and found this:The seeds are still white for God’s sake. I would have had to take a hammer to crack one open so how could this happen? What kind of mutant zombie vampire squirrel could do this? I give up. I’m despondent. Take everything, you mangy, rat-faced, no-good, low-life, beady-eyed, scum-sucking, fruit-stealing squirrel. I hope you broke your tooth. But you don’t need teeth to eat tomatoes so go ahead, take those too. What else do you like? Peppers? I’ll plant some. I hate to give up but the squirrel has crushed my spirit. Maybe I should take Dana’s advice from July 10th and put some watermelon out for him to eat so he’ll leave other stuff alone. I’ll just wait until I see him and toss it to him. The whole melon. If he survives, he can eat it.