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What’s a good sunscreen?

Hi Jenny, with the summer coming up (I’m in Toronto), what sunscreen would you recommend?

Thanks! 🙂


Dear Ksu,

You’re smart to be using sunscreen for two reasons. One is the risk of skin cancer and two is the long term damage and accelerated aging of your skin. I don’t think the brand matters as much as the active ingredients so you have to read the labels and always look for “broad spectrum” which means is protects from UVA which damages & ages  the skin, and UVB which burns the skin and can cause skin cancer. I use two different formulas. One is a combination of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. I have sensitive skin so this causes less reactions for me.  The other is Neutrogena with Helioplex. They make several products with Helioplex up to 110 SPF although I’ve read that anything over 30 is overkill and not necessary.

I’m currently using Neutrogena Age Shield Face (SPF 110) and Neutrogena Sport Face SPF 70 which is sweatproof, as well as DDF Organic Sun Protection and Skinceuticals Physical UV Defense, both with titanium & zinc, both SPF 30.  I alternate but I like them all and never have sun damage. But I also don’t expose myself to the sun by wearing wide brimmed hats and long sleeves, etc. so I don’t need body sunblock but Nuetrogena makes plenty of options for the whole body too. Remember though, even with a high SPF sunscreen, if you lay out all day, you will get sun damage so stay in the shade. You might not get that summer tan that we used to think was cool, but you’ll be rewarded later on with smooth and healthy skin.


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  1. Jamie says:

    The Environmental Working Group recently released their results of sunscreen ratings. I was surprised to find my daily moisturizer (with spf) was rating quite poorly.

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