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Butterfly Pavilion

I played hooky yesterday (from what? I don’t have a job!) and went to the Butterfly Pavilion at the museum. I go there every year and it’s an awesome experience. They put up a small tent and hundreds of butterflies fly around freely, often landing on the visitors. Everyone brings a camera. I was there over an hour taking pictures and eight different times, someone said, “There’s a butterfly on your hat!” I was wearing a white hat and they kept landing on my head. Why me? I don’t know. Maybe they were trying to send me a message: “You got your pictures, now get out! We’re tired of posing for you people and we’d like some peace and quiet. Get out now or we’ll poop on your head!”

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  1. Rhonda says:

    Jenny, you’re so funny…lol…but I think these insects like you and your camera. I think butterflies are a sign of luck just like the ladybug is. I like the picture. The color makes me think of a yellow and black butterfly, so maybe that’s what it will turn into someday. Those are my favorites. I like watching them fly, but my cats scare off a lot of nature, so maybe it’s a good thing you don’t want a cat, because it would most likely stop a lot more than just the squirrels from coming around and I know you wouldn’t want that to happen…

    This posting made me remember a place here I’ve been wanting to see. It has a lot of nature and maybe my next vacation me and the friend out west can go to Callaway Gardens… You would love this place, Jenny. Check it out 🙂
    Discover Callaway Gardens
    Callaway Gardens Attractions

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