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Back off, squirrels.

My pomegranates are turning redder every day.  So far, none of my varmints have taken any but I won’t be complacent.  All you squirrels, coyotes, bobcats,  raccoons, skunks & snakes better watch out. Nobody is taking my pomegranates!

p.s. I just heard from Yelena, the winner of our “Guess my Mileage” contest.  She said… “Thank you Jenny, I did receive a $100 gift card. And no, it is not going to be a trip to the Steak House. It will provide a whole month of groceries for my family (Yes, that is right…. with groceries coupons and Buy one-Get one deals- you can comfortably live on $100 a mo) Thank you Jenny!!! Good luck with all your projects!!”

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  1. your sister says:

    You may be able to keep the critters away from your pomegranates, but I’m a little bigger and I’m comin’ through.

  2. Sue says:

    Now that’s what makes contests worthwhile! And you have to feel good too Jenny helping somebody out who needs it.


  3. MrsNews says:

    That is cool…I like that she reallyy needed the $100! Divine Intervention!


  4. Rhonda says:

    Wow Jenny! Great looking tree 🙂
    The pomegranates look really nice. Protect them with all your might. If you ever call for backup I’ll help get rid of those annoying pest. (Mafia War humor…lol…)
    Aww and I’m glad Yelena won your contest and is putting it to good use. I’m sure it’s much appreciated…
    Congrats again on your win, Yelena 🙂

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