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September, 2010


I planted a pomegranate tree last year and got one pomegranate.  This year, there are about twenty growing and they’re starting to turn red.  I love eating them and they are full of antioxidants.  This one might be ready in a couple of weeks if the deer doesn’t get it first. My deer are not afraid of me any more. If I see a deer even looking at my pomegranates, I’ll be right there with a big stick: “Step away from the tree and nobody gets hurt.” If the deer does eat it, he is going to have to watch his back. I know where he lives.


Nine years ago today, we were getting ready to tape two shows.  I was still at home when I saw what first appeared to be a terrible accident, so I drove in to work.  Once in the makeup chair, we had the TV on and I soon realized it was much more than an accident.  I quickly met with the executive producer and we agreed to cancel the shows. Our studio was in a high rise building in downtown Chicago and along with much of the staff, I left the building out of fear that we might be next.  I vividly remember driving back home with a sick feeling in my stomach, knowing that things would never be the same.  Denis and I watched TV all day and all night, in disbelief.  My prayers go out to those who lost family and loved ones that day.

Tim Allen was very nice

My day today was mundane so I am posting my old diary entry from exactly twenty-one years ago today. I was in Miami to tape a Spring Break Special with Tim Allen.“Sept. 10, 1989: Got met by the limo and straight to the Honeywagon. The wardrobe people shrunk my shorts.  Tim Allen was very nice and Rick Messina was there. Worked from noon til 10 pm – did the hot tub scene – I hope nobody looked at my thighs – did promos and intros and then we did standup outside in the hot sun. The audience was kids, mostly guys, and I got pretty good laughs. Tim had a tough time and sweated a lot. Didn’t like the food. We’re supposed to get paid when it airs.”  The special never aired.  But Tim did alright after that. I guess I did too. So I didn’t like the food?  I never like the food! If I could go around with a hot plate strapped to my waist, I’d be happy. My own cooking rocks!  I made maple-glazed salmon today.

Contest Wrap-Up

Here’s a wrap-up of our fun Mileage contest.  I really don’t get out much and I bought my Lexus new in 2003. We took a picture of the mileage on Sept. 1st, the day the contest started and my mileage was 28,303. (since then I’ve driven 12 miles) There were 289 guesses, the highest was 687,524 miles and lowest was 10,000.  It looked like Sylvie was going to win with 28,538 (235 mile difference) but then Yelena came in right near the end with 28,501 (198 mile difference) and stole it! Their margin was only 37 miles!  Wow, that was exciting! I’m working on some ideas for the next game!

Our “Guess my Mileage” Winner!

Congratulations, Yelena Solo!

You won the $100 Visa gift card!

Your guess: 28,501

My mileage: 28,303

Click here for a photo of my odometer.

Thanks, everybody, for playing.

Stay tuned for more fun games!

p.s. We just heard from Yelena who says she is a social worker for the Dept. of Children and Families, State of Florida . She is Russian.  She said, “OMG, I hope it is not a joke…Thank you !!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!!”  It’s not a joke, Yelena, your gift card is on the way!  Congrats again.

Just One Day To Go

Just one day to go to see who’s the winner

Somebody’s going out for a fancy dinner.

That person’s name is coming very soon

Tomorrow in fact, at 12 o’clock noon…

California time, you’ll have to wait ’til then.

Another contest? Yes! Let’s do this again!

Officer, it’s not my gun.

I was arrested at the Newark airport in 1984 for trying to board an airplane with a gun.  I was on the road doing standup and I believed as long as it wasn’t loaded, I could take my 38 Special on the plane.  That was not the case.  I was arrested and handcuffed and put in the back seat of a police car.  On the way to jail, I thought of all the things I could say to avoid having to include “convicted felon” on my resume.  Things like: “I’ve already been on nine flights with my gun – what’s the problem?” -or- “I’m from L.A. so I’m pretty sure your New Jersey laws wouldn’t apply to me.”  -or- “You can dust me for gun residue, I haven’t shot anybody.”  -or- “When I said I killed them in Cleveland, I meant my act.”  It never occurred to me to say, “Officer, it’s not my gun.  And this is not my suitcase.  And those things are what?  Are you serious? Bullets?  I thought they were gum!”  Com’on!!

*To Guess my Mileage, go to the Sept. 1st posting – Three More Days!

It’s hot hot hot!

It’s hot hot hot!  Only the butterflies were out today. Of course I had to take a picture of this one on a pentas in my back yard .  

The “Guess my Mileage” contest is still going strong. There are well over a hundred guesses but there’s still time to play – four more days.  (go to Sept. 1st posting)

Oh, there are some new additions to my “Guess the Product” game.  Plus, I found some boxes of old shows I did and I’ll be adding some more Jenny Jones Show video clips soon.