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  1. Judy Peterson says:

    I believe that one person can make a difference. That one voice can lead a choir, and that an open heart can heal all wounds.

    1. Require a criminal background check for every gun sold in America. (I would even go as far as a clinical mental health check)
    2. Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. (There is absolutely NO REASON why any civilian should have one)
    3. Make gun trafficking a federal crime, including real penalties for “straw purchasers”. (Make and enforce ALL convicted gun violence offenders with the maximum penalties and punishments. No matter age, sex, violent history, or type of crime)
    4. Require ALL purchasers to go through a gun safety course. Make it mandatory to have a certificate present at time of purchase, along with ID, and Social Security number, and or birth certificate. (We get a license for cars; the same should go for a weapons purchase)
    5. Stop “Glorifying” violence and gun violence. As a country, we should be more cognizant of how we “glorify “guns and violence. (Stop marketing, producing and distributing games, movies, images, and gun paraphernalia to children and young adults) Our culture is becoming desensitized to violent images, and events. Even the nightly news is guilty of this. I know as a mother that I am guilty of allowing my children to watch movies with violence. I will now make a more conscientious effort to limit my families’ exposure to such foul images.
    Above all, we need to be respectful, and show more empathy for others. We all need to make a greater effort to be responsible for our actions, our words, and our motives. We need to take action; it IS our responsibility to make our lives, our nation, and our society better.
    Take responsibility and take action against gun violence.
    If you witness a murder and did nothing to stop it, you might as well have pulled the trigger. No excuses!

    • Rhonda says:

      I liked what you said here. I couldn’t have said it better. I agree with everything you said. I totally agree with what you said about assault weapons. Guns can get into the wrong hands and assault weapons should be banned. Let people have small hand guns if they want for protecting, but those people do need to know how and when to use a gun and not be some crazy person like what happened in Connecticut and Colorado. You made a good point about a driver’s license to be able to drive a car 🙂
      It’s good you are making adjustments to make your family not so exposed to violence. I’m hoping more families with young children are thinking like you and taking the actions needed to not have children exposed to such violence…

  2. Shawn says:

    Some very hard questions need answering with this mass murder now. Maybe it’s time the NRA stops putting up walls on any gun decisions or should we call this a weapon, because a Bushmaster .223 is not a hunting rifle it’s a weapon of security or battle. I cannot get my head around this sort of thinking anymore where you can buy 100 round clips by stopping at a gun show or over state lines. Maybe this is finally the game changer that brings forth a reduction in assault weapons that far too often land in the hands of the unstable. So sad for these families and this community will never be the same.

  3. Josh says:

    The whole thing is so sad, my heart just breaks for the families in Connecticut!

  4. Rhonda says:

    This is a horrible tragedy, Jenny. Praying for the ones who have lost loved ones and God Bless Connecticut and all the victims who lost their lives today. Such a sad day for all of us as a nation. It’s also sad that we have this much evil in the world 🙁

  5. Sue says:

    God Bless all the families in Connecticut today! My God how horrible! I was crying my whole way home from work today. Heaven is very busy.

    God Bless all of the victims.

    Sue, Mike, Teka and Kya

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