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Backyard Visitor

We see lots of deer in the backyard but not many boys.

This guy didn’t mind me taking his picture at all.

In fact, he kind of stared at me, like I was interrupting his lunch.

I had my own lunch yesterday with the man who put my talk show on the air.  We caught up and  I was able to thank him again for giving me the opportunity that changed my life.  We went to the Daily Grill which has the best and biggest burgers, and I wanted a burger, but there’s no way to eat one and maintain your dignity, so I chose the decorum of a salad.  But I’m going back today to get the burger!

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  1. MrsNews says:

    Thanks guys….I make 5-7 Chemo Caps a day. I have made over 200 and they are like rabbits in the house! I think my Dear Husband (DH) would like for me to donate them soon!! Each one is different and I embellish them with buttons and other cute things!

    I would post a picture but I don’t think I can in here…so sad!


    • Jenny says:

      Kathy, we will find a way to post a photo of your dedicated work. Damon will email you tomorrow with a solution. What a wonderful thing you are doing!

  2. MrsNews says:

    Great shot…you have a wonderful location for living…little bit country…little bit rock n roll!

    How wonderful that you were able to meet your friend for lunch…I was hoping you were going to tell us you are working on a new show…color me sad!

    I must send for your book…I find you so interesting so open and approachable…I need to make your apron and then have you send me your book…fair trade I think. I have been busy crocheting chemo caps for cancer patients….so sewing is on the back burner…but if you ever need a Happy Hat call me!!


    • sue says:

      Mrs. News,
      that’s a really nice thing that you do! Keep crocheting!!


    • Rhonda says:

      I crochet also. I have to be in the mood for it and have the time to finish what I start. I have 2 blankets unfinished and a couple to start…
      I would like to play ketchup and maybe make Jenny another one since she didn’t recieve the one before…
      Oh and Kathy, I think me and you see Jenny somewhat the same. I agree with. You really should read her book 🙂

      Take care,

  3. Rhonda says:

    Of course another great photo. I enjoy looking at your photos. You take great shots of whatever it is your aiming for with your camera 🙂 I know fans would like to see you do something on television. If tv isn’t your thing, so be it. I know you work on things for the site here and enjoy it just as well as your fans do. So thank YOU for being who you are. Oh and please don’t be so hard on yourself about things like food. It really doesn’t hurt to splurge 🙂 I hope you got the burger today and enjoyed it 🙂
    Take care, Jenny…

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