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May, 2010

My back yard

How am I supposed to get anything done when it’s 75 degrees, the sun is shining, and my back yard is full of flowers? I took this picture today and I think the reason I enjoy taking photos so much is that I can’t draw.  I wish I could, but I can’t.  So my photos allow me to create beautiful pictures with more-or-less no talent.  The only skill I need is to know which button to push on my camera.  It’s the big silver one.

Congrats to a friend.

Congratulations to my friend, Vince, who graduates next month with his Masters.  He’s always looked like a movie star but this spectacular photo of him was taken at the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago. What a testament to his commitment and hard work.  Congratulations, Vince!

I might break a leg.

I wonder if other Californians are like me.  When I find myself in different locations, I wonder how badly I’d be hurt if the big earthquake happened right then.  Like today at mall on the 2nd floor, I looked down and thought, “I’d probably survive but I might break a leg.”  When I’m in a high-rise, I’m not as optimistic.  My least favorite place is stuck at a red light under a freeway overpass, but if there’s a big truck in front of me, I feel safer because I’ve decided the truck would stop the chunks of concrete from landing on me.  Does that make me paranoid or do I just need a hobby?