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  1. Jane says:

    HI Jenny, this is my first chat and also signed up your blog as well. Brought my first stand-up mixer was a bit intimated making your homemade cinnamon buns. It was good but didn’t turn out the way you had it on your YouTube. Not sure if I knead it too long or my KitchenAid oven at 325 degree was too hot. I did use a large pan for the rising part (1 1/2 hrs over a large bowl of very hot water covered with a large towel for rising). Mine turned out more like Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. My husband love it and differently will try again.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Danny says:

    Just wanted to wish everybody Happy Holidays!

  3. toyia garland says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of the Jenny Jones show for years, I was wondering if anyone knew where I would be able to find full episodes of the show because i can’t find the one in particular that I’m looking for on youtube…well i could find it on youtube but the person that posted it, it was so distorted and the quality wasnt’ good at all so it was difficult to see what i was trying to see…there was a particular episode back in 2000 and the episode was “Out of control Gay teens” and there was one particular girl on there that looked like my best friend I hadn’t seen in years..many years and her name on the show was “SUNSHINE” or “SUNSHYNE”…I really couldn’t tell if it was her or not and i can’t remember if her real name was mentioned but if anyone knows, even you Jenny what her real name was, been looking for her for years

  4. Rhonda says:

    Hey everyone. Haven’t posted here much. Been a busy year. Things really got busy in September when we had our inventory at work. Which our inventory turned out great. Did better than expected 🙂 …After that was our soup social which turned into a block party…lol.. 😆 …a cousin of mine found our 4th cousin on Facebook and he does karaoke part time and he was rocking the neighborhood. This social event keeps getting entertaining year after year. Plus I was one of the 4 hosting the event. I also attended my 30th year class reunion the same month and it was nice seeing old classmates. Now we are here in November and December when holidays hit us hard, but I’m use to a crowd so it doesn’t bother me as much. I would rather be busy instead of having a day that’s slow and drags by…

    Now about this polar blast coming down upon us. Usually I can handle the cold, but it came in way too early for me. I hope we have a early Spring 😀 …It seems the whole USA is in for a bad winter, so everyone stay warm and be safe. Take care 🙂

  5. Rhonda says:

    Just wanted to stop by and let you know my thoughts and prayers are with the people in California. Hope you are okay, Jenny. I’ve been thinking about you since this earthquake happened early yesterday morning. Take care and be safe…

  6. Rhonda says:

    I’m a day late but wanted to wish you all a Happy 4th of July. I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend. Oh and glad to see you stop by Wendy and Tom. Hope to see you post more often. This chat room/ message board isn’t like most rooms/boards, it’s nice here. Jenny makes sure of that 🙂

    Danny, this place is one of the best on the internet. Can’t thank Jenny enough for reopening chat room. I thought it was gone forever. It really made me happy to know she gave it back to us 😀

    Okay Josh, I thought you would have posted by now. I hope things are okay with you and you are just busy…

  7. Wendy says:

    So glad i stumbled upon this site! I was looking up Sweet potato fries, and Jenny Jones playing with a Mr. S potatohead came up! My kind of cooking show! Jenny, i raised my 3 fine children while watching your show. Learned so many things back then that only YOU were willing to talk about. Miss the honesty,humour, and good looking hosts that your show delivered! Please come up with a show for us gals that are lost in the empty nest yet loving it but don’t know what to do with myself kinda show!

  8. Rosie says:

    Can anyone tell me how to get into the chatroom plz or when it is open 🙂

    • Jenny Jones says:

      Rosie, you are in the chat room. It is always open and visitors simply come and go. You can add to someone’s post or make your own by scrolling to the bottom for a new window.

      • Rosie says:

        Aww thank Jenny! I’m from Scotland but lived in USA from ’87 to ’97 and used to watch you ALL the time on telly 🙂 x

        • Rhonda says:

          Welcome to chat room, Rosie. Did you watch any other talk shows, if so which ones? Love talking to JJ fans and so glad chat room has reopened for us. Thanks Jenny 🙂

      • Tom. says:

        Good to see you again, Jenny. Watched your show every day with my grandmother and sister as a child on WWHO (UPN/WB) in Columbus, OH and MVC (UPN) in Dayton, OH.

        Funny story: When I was learning how to read, we used some show titles to teach about rhyming too. (Pre-Teen, You’d Better Mind… or Moses’ Boot Camp is Not Far Behind!)

  9. Rhonda says:

    I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day weekend, especially all you dads. As some of you know my Dad passed 5 years ago this October and it’s still hard for me to except it during the holidays especially when Father’s Day and his Birthday comes around. I don’t think we ever get over losing a loved one. I’m off work next 2 days and it helps going to see him at the cemetery when I miss him most. It helps me connect to him and fill the void of him not being here, but I’m fine for the most part…

  10. Danny says:

    Hello everyone! Glad the chatroom is open again.

  11. Jenny Jones says:

    My Chat Room is back! Some people became friends here in this chat room and it’s now back open for anyone who wants to say hi. If you watched my talk show all through the 1990s you may have something in common with visitors here. My thanks to everyone who remembers me and takes time to visit. – Jenny

    • Rhonda says:

      Coming here and seeing chat room open again made me happy to see. This has brighten my day. You are the best, Jenny. You are not like most celebrities. I don’t even see you as a celebrity. You’re one of a kind. You are a true friend to a lot of us and I’m glad to be one of your biggest fans and friend. You really do rock 😎
      I’m so HAPPY to see this room open again you just don’t know 😀
      And yes I have a video to share 🙂
      Thank you, Jenny. Hugs to you…
      Pharrell Williams: Happy-(Official Music Video)…

      • Danny says:

        Jenny does rock! Nice to see the chat room is running again. I missed everyone on here!

        • Rhonda says:

          Jenny’s the best and I always have said that even before her show ended and for her to do all this for her fans now when she couldn’t having her show just makes her rock more now than before. Her autobiography really tells what type of person she is and where she came from is good to know. It seems Jenny was only seeking happiness and I’m glad she has finally got it. Knowing her life’s ups and downs helps you understand why she did her Jenny’s Heroes after reading the book and watching her show for 11 years and being a audience member to her show just tells me she’s a awesome and amazing person…btw, have you read Jenny’s autobiography?…

  12. Rhonda says:

    Happy New Years to all of you. I wish you all well and good fortune in 2014. Sharing a couple New Years video and a song I’m stuck on listening too. Katy Perry is awesome. Thank you Jenny for giving us fans a place to vent and talk to each other. You are the coolest and you’re awesome as well. I know you have a lot going on with other websites so you stay busy and I’m glad for that. As long as you’re happy is all that matters. I’m not too sad about the chat room closing now but it will be missed. I enjoy what you share here along with your other websites. You work hard for us for the other things you do. Like your videos which I love. You make them fun to watch because I don’t know what to expect like with the plastic wrap. That was hilarious…lol…
    2014 Fireworks
    2014 Greetings
    Katy Perry – Roar (Official)

  13. Danny says:

    Happy New years to all!!!

    • Rhonda says:

      Happy New Years to you Danny. I hope you had a great day. It seem a bit ealry when I saw you post on FB but I know time is different where you were and it’s finally made it to the states. West Coast still has an hour and 12 minutes. That means Jenny’s about to celebrate the New Year 🙂

  14. Danny says:

    How sad! I will miss chatting with all of you! Rhonda and Josh! Jenny. Josh are you on facebook bro? I would like to friend request you! I’m friends with Rhonda and Jenny already!

  15. Rhonda says:

    Oh no! I’m sad 🙁
    This is not good news. It’s almost as worse as your show going off air…
    Things don’t last forever and it was fun while it lasted though…
    I will be glad to add anyone to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and yes I still have a Myspace. Hope the links work…
    (Jenny, Josh, Danny, Kathy, Marty, Becky, Sue, Lesli, Tiffie)…

    • Josh says:

      I agree it is sad to see the chat go, but I can understand the reasoning. It does seem like less and less are posting here, and we can always keep in touch through comments.

      I will try to send you a request Rhonda, and if that doesn’t work I will post my page(s).

      Hope you are doing well. I bet Jury duty is a big hassle, but for some reason, I always thought it would be fun lol thankfully though I have never had to go.

      I went on a job interview last week for some restaurant, bar, show combo that is set to open soon. It does seem cool, but when I got there, I was like **** because it was a group interview which I never like. I can see why people may chose to do them, because you do get to see how people interact with people that they do not know, but at the same time is seems a bit lazy. I did get a private one at the end where I was asked a few questions.

      I hope that I did alright. I guess another good thing is that you do get to see your competition.

      So wish me luck lol!

      • Rhonda says:

        I use to hate talking in groups. I was the shy and quite one when I was younger but I can’t say that now…lol…, I do have my silent moments though. Large groups still make me a little nervous so I can understand you being nervous doing this interview. Jobs are hard to find now a days and since it’s a new place opening soon maybe the luck will fall in your lap. Good luck with the job interview, Josh. My fingers are crossed 🙂

        I like being called for Jury Duty. It’s interesting and fun just like you thought. Some people might not have the patient for it but if you can stand the waiting then Jury Duty isn’t so bad. It seems like a job. They give you 10 min breaks every 2 hours and 1 1/2 lunch plus they pay you. Here we get paid $25 a day for Jury Duty it might be different else where. They talk to us before they start calling names and the OJ Simpson trail was brought up when they were talking about our pay. During the OJ trial Jurors only got paid $15 a day and that was a long trial. Can you imagine? Your work will pay you too not always but I’m sure most jobs do pay because if you are called for Jury Duty there really isn’t no getting out of it, unless you are over 70 years of age or you have health problems…
        I’ve been called twice for Jury Duty. I didn’t get picked this go around so I was only there for 3 days. They start releasing people by Wednesday unless a Judge wants to try and squeeze in a case before the weekend, but on the other hand my first time called for Jury Duty was about 6 years ago and I was picked and I ended up being there all week…

  16. Rhonda says:

    Hey guys thought I would pop in to say hello. I’ve been MIA here for a few weeks but October was a busy month for me and it seems November was too. I feel I’ve been going since inventory non stop. I even had jury duty 2 weeks ago to top it off. Since Thanksgiving and Black Friday is over with I feel bit of a breather. My side of the store seems a bit slow in December up until the week of. I truly don’t like having inventory this close to the holidays. It’s as bad as going through a remodel dealing with all the freight coming in. For the last few weeks we were getting high trucks 10-14 pallets Friday and Saturday nights and those are not fun to get. Now we are back down to receiving 6-8 pallets which is average for us. We got the tree up today but need more lights. I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. Take care and have a great week 🙂

  17. Danny says:

    I was kinda bummed out when Dunkin Doughnuts left Taiwan! Earlier this year, I know most of you are saying a donut is just a donut! But no. DD reminded me of home. Guess what I read in the paper?! krispie Kreame is coming to Taiwan! WOO HOO! I was craving them for the past few months! I can’t wait till December! I hope Rhonda and you Josh and Jenny are doing Fabulous!

  18. Danny says:

    The weather here in Taiwan is Fabulous! I’m on vacation from school as well. We are going to Hong Kong in 2 weeks, so I cant wait! Josh my brother from another mother I hope things are working out for the best for you, Jenny and Rhonda My sistas from other mistas I hope all is well with ya’ll! LOts of loove and best wishes from Taiwan to your front porches! XOXO!

    • Rhonda says:

      Glad you are getting a break from things and enjoying the weather Danny. It’s almost Halloween and I know you like horror movies. I have kinda gotten away from them, but liked watching them when I was younger. Some horror movies they make now a days don’t faze me. I like the ones back in the day best that kept you on the edge of your seat. I still like watching Halloween with Michael Myers. That one keeps me on edge still. I have to say though if my nieces are staying the night at the house and they have movie night and find a horror movie on On Demand that I haven’t seen before it will make me jump and cover my face with a pillow. Halloween night if I’m not working I will watch scary movies and hand out candy to the neighborhood kids, but I work this year on Halloween, so not sure what I will be doing…

      Josh, I hope everything is okay with you. You seemed a bit wired up about things but it’s understandable being in a new state and not knowing many people can be tough I’m sure. Not knowing what’s going on back home with family and friends can be even tougher. Are you still talking to your parents when you are able to? Stay connected to your parents. It will help you through hard times when they come about. Plus you have a place here of course to chat with us…
      Glad you are finding things to do like go to these shows that you seem to be enjoying. Keep yourself busy is my best advice for you right now. I never ask how long do you plan being there in Vegas. Just until your schooling is finished? or do you plan on making that your home and where to find the career job you’re going after? Oh and Josh do you like horror movies? Since it almost Halloween just thought I would ask 🙂

      Take care guys…

      • Josh says:

        Thank you Rhonda, you too Danny, it means a lot that you would both take the time to not only read what I write but to also put so much thought into your reply!

        I hate coming off as one of those obsessive and controlling type people because I’m not that way at all and I am never jealous really. I did take your advice Danny, and my bf and I did talk and things seem to be going better now.

        My bf did tell me that when he first met this “friend” he thought that there might be something more there, but after he spent time around him, he realized they were just meant to be friends. Ah, it is still a sore spot for me, but my bf says nothing happened and I do believe him. I guess my question is: Do I have the right to tell him not to be friends with this person? Like I said, I’m not controlling, but it would make me feel a lot better, I just need a little advice on that : )

        I like Vegas, and I haven’t even thought of ever going somewhere else. Although, even those this is years away, I would like to do my residency in Orlando with Dr. G. She is one of the factors that motivated me to go down this path, although that is probably more of a dream than a goal.

        Yes, I love horror movies! Every Halloween we watch the first and second Halloween, they are favorites of mine. Another favorite horror film of mine is Phantasm, they scared me as a kid, although what I was doing watching them at 7-8 I will never know lol.

        Even though you have to work on Halloween, I still hope you will get to have a little fun. I know back in Indiana, all the employees at walmart would dress up. I might be wrong, but I think they even passed out candy there a few times.

        Take care guys!

        • Danny says:

          That’s great that you guys talked Josh and glad that things are okay for now. I really really LOVE Horror. I grew up watching movies like Nighmare on Elm St, Halloween. I loved Phantasm and still do. I remember watching The Exorcist! at such a young age, Rosemary’s Baby I just love. I love supernatural horror stuff well I guess I do love slasher films as well. With Halloween coming up I’m really exited! They will be showing the movie Sinister on TV, so I can’t wait. I remember growing up and being exited about Halloween. This is like my Christmas. Keep your head up my brother!

          Jenny sorry about the Tilt O Whirl story. Rhonda working or not on Halloween I’m sure you will have fun. When I was in High School I used to work at a Department store they made me work! I was devastated! but I gaved out candy lots of them and that made the customers happy which in return made me happy. Watched horror movies when I got home, then morning came! I had to go to school. Happy Halloween everybody! Remember to always check your candy before eating them all! BYe my loves

  19. Rhonda says:

    It seems you both are so busy and that’s good but I understand you also have to have breathing time taking in it all. At least you have the weekends if you don’t have a lot of homework. Josh, it’s not easy for some of us to meet people especially you being in a different state. Neighbors would be a start for you to meet people where you are or like Danny suggested join a club or something you are interested in and go from there. Try not to worry to much about your relationship. 7 years is a long time. Keep faith with those 7 years and try to be comfortable with things. It will all work out for you. I’m not gay. I don’t have a problem with gay people. I think they should be treated equally and have rights like we all do. Oh and Josh one Long Island and I’m through. I don’t drink a lot either only social gatherings and for dinner sometimes. Like tonight we ate at a oyster bar and I had about 8oz of beer along with raw oysters and a salad. Danny stay safe. I saw where you guys are having some rough weather heading your way. Are you close to and around the area it is suppose to hit? Concerned…

    • Danny says:

      I’m in northern Taiwan we are just getting rains and all the winds. The Phillipines got hit rough! I will be travelling very soon! So I hope everything will calm down!

  20. Josh says:

    Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well.

    Lately I have been feeling suspicious and obsessive, good lord, I hope it ends soon and I can go back to being my normal self. Maybe I just have too much time on my hands that I have to build things up?

    School does take a lot of my time though! Last week I dissected a heart. It was really interesting to have it in front of me to see what it actually looked and felt like. I know some people might have trouble with dissecting, but I tell you after everything I have seen in anatomy nothing seems to faze me anymore lol.

    I have been busy with school an getting into the groove of living in a new state and everything else, so I have not had a real chance to meet any friends. I do have friends, some of whom I have known for 14 years! However it can be hard for me to meet people and just strike up conversations. Do any of you have any tips? I know it will come to me, I just have to put myself out there more and go more places where I can meet friends.

    On a different note (I say that a lot lol) I went to see KA the other night. It’s a cirque show, and I did really love it, although the Beatles LOVE is still my favorite, (GO SEE IT IF YOU HAVE THE CHANCE!!) Anyway, I wanted a drink to have during the show, so I ordered a long island, I wanted the small one, but the guy told me I could have the collectable glass if I ordered the 32 ounce one, so I did.

    I don’t drink much, usually a couple times a month or just a glass of wine every now and then with dinner. However, 32 ounces of alcohol was a bit much for me! LOL I ended up dumping the rest out after the show, but I was pretty buzzed by that point. I got my glass though!

    • Danny says:

      Oh Josh I’m having the same kind of trouble here in Taiwan I have life long friends back in the States but not any here in Taiwan! My teacher invited me to a church bbq I meet a few people but it’s not the same. Once in a while I will have eye contact with other foreigners here and exchange a smile but thats it. When I go to a bar I smile and talk to the bar tender, sometimes people will have a brief chat with me. Once I sober up school just takes up all of my time! I have been here for over 1 year, I get homesick once in a while but it does get better!! lol. I just have to get used to buying ketchup, mustard in the foreign isle! lol

      Im sure you can join a a study club or something at your school.Like you said You just have to put yourself out there lots of luck to you bro! ( I hope you don’t mind me calling you bro)

      Rhonda and Jenny I hope you ladies are doing awesome as well.

      • Josh says:

        Thanks for the advice Danny, I really do appreciate it and it must also be hard for you being in a foreign place!

        I don’t know if I have ever told anyone here, I’m not ashamed or have tried to hide it, but I am gay, and that really isn’t even a defining thing about me, because you know I’m so much more than just that little thing alone.

        I have been with my partner for almost 7 years now. Sometimes after so long, you just get in a rut and I want our relationship to be magical again and I really do think that it can be and we have talked and we are going to work hard to make it better.

        Now, not to sound like a Jenny Jones show guest or anything, but I am not a jealous person at all, but at the same time, recently, he has made a friend who is also gay, and he says that they are only friends and there is nothing deeper there, but at the same time for whatever reason my heart is telling me that him being friends with this person is bad news. Nothing has happened between them, so maybe I am just being silly, but do I have a right to tell him who he can and cannot be friends with?

        He said that he would tell his friend that they can’t be friends for now anyway, and that takes a load off, but I’m just worried that he is just telling me what I want to hear and he will still talk to him or text. I don’t know why It bothers me so?

        I trust my bf, but I also trust my heart, and I never trust a stranger!
        I just hope he is serious and ends the friendship. I don’t care about him having his own friends, even gay friends, it’s just this guy, I have a bad feeling about and I don’t know why!

        Do you have advice for that Danny? If you have read this far, thanks so much!


        • Danny says:

          Oh Josh I’m sorry you are having this issue with your boyfriend. I’m also gay I’ve been with my bf for 5 years now. I would say trust your heart, you seem like a very smart and nice guy. Only you know whats best for you buddy. This is my first gay relationship, This is also my first long term relationship. I’m not the jealous type eighter, if he isn’t happy with me he could say the word and I’m gone. LOL you are not sounding like a Jenny Jones guest! that’s me! makeover show! LMAO. Yeah I so feel from what you are saying I’m gay as well and that isn’t who I am. I’m Danny. Me and my bf have the same friends “our” friends and seperate friends. I feel like it’s always a good thing in any relationship to have our own friends, and our own lives. I’m recently have been hanging out without him and its a great feeling. I love him and everything but I need my space. You should talk with your boyfriend but as I read you did already, when you have your talks just express how you are truly feeling, and be honest with your self and with him. You will be suprised on how liberating you will both feel and by doing this you will learn something new about your relationship.

          Take a little “stay cation” with yourself, go to a new coffee shop or something, try something new. If you have a LGBT center I’m sure they will have classes or something in that nature you might meet new friends. I really hope for the best for you Josh! Rhonda, Jenny love yah!!

        • Danny says:

          I’m sorry that you are feeling this way Josh. I’m also gay and have been with my boyfriend for 5 years. When I moved here it was hard lol. I was kinda annoyed with myself and my boyfriend and school. We argued. We had a long conversation about how we are really feeling. Long story short school or my bf were not the problem. The move was the problem. I was so homesick and I guess I looked for something to blame I guess. We talked about how the move affected us. That was a good talk we had. Now I love my school! ( studying is a different story lol) We are getting along great. I guess you and your man need to really talk things through and be honest with each other, try not to sound confertational that will annoy him or worse he will clam up. Tell him you love him and care for him, tell him that you trust him and how you feel about this guy. Relationships are hard work and you guys have been together for 7 years . You guys can do alot of different things to spice things up. Try to get to know each other all over again. My and my bf are trying new things here in Taiwan lol going on little dates here and there, kinda nice. Rekindling a relationship will be a fun thing to do as long as you both are shipping in to do the work, take turns planning different activities be as creative and sponteneous as you both can be.

          I really hope things work out for you. Don’t forget to invite me on your Wedding Day! Are you on Facebook? I am. Talk to you later Big hug!

          Rhonda and Jenny hope everything is going Fabulous with you!! Love Danny!

  21. Danny says:

    Hi Rhonda, I the request! lol. It’s almost 1 am here in Taiwan! Im here studying at a Cyber Cafe! Listening to Greenday and facebooking lol Now I’m Jenny Jonzing lol anyway hope we can talk on facebook in “real time” lol. That’s why I got on Facebook so I can keep in touch with friends back at home! Miss them like crazy! I can’t believe I been here a whole year! Feels like longer! It’s nice to know that I can come on to JJ and talk with you and Josh!

    So Josh how ya doing bro? I hope everything is well on your end! Hope you wont need an exorcism! I’ve seen exorcism of Emily Rose! She didn’t end up to well! I feel like an over worked zombie trying to study! I might need to borrow yours and Rhondas brain in a little while! Swear I wont eat them lol. I am hungry though! I’ve seen a lot of exorcism films so if you need to be exorcised I’ll be your man! lol. save your money I wont charge! Well going back to study! Jenny hope everything is well with you as well! And everyone else too!

    Need braaaaaaaaainss! here in Taiwan! BYE! Love you all! Take care humans!

  22. Danny says:

    For those Like me who are “suffering summer rain” and like Belinda Carlisle this one’s for you

  23. Danny says:

    Hi how is everybody doing? Hi Rhonda Jenny!The weather here has been crazy! HOT HOT aND very humid it’s in the 90s! and its still humid even when it rains. Went to Hong Kong with my man, they just had a Typhoon, Luckily for us we mist it. We just had a Typhoon here a while ago! They postponed classes for a day. Still going to school, thinking about switching to afternoon classes instead of morning. I wish they had midnight courses since I’m more of a night owl.
    Well I hope all is fabulous with ya’ll !!!

    • Rhonda says:

      Hey Danny, hot weather isn’t pleasant at all and I’m sorry you have 90 degree weather. I know how miserable that can be. Here in Georgia it’s been really nice. 2 days last week people had hoodies, sweaters and light jackets on so it’s been nice here. Outside was cool when sitting on porch. I love when it’s cold so the AC stayed on low to make it crisp at night inside. It’s easier for me to get warm than it is for me to keep cool and I was not going to turn the AC off and wake up hot. I’m not a happy camper when that happens…

      My niece just left for college and here classes started today. She’s a good kid and I know she will do well. Glad you are sticking to your classes as well. I hope you can find the right times comfortable for you to continue. Stay focused regardless like I’ve told Josh. I’ve known of people going through tough classes and putting in a lot of time and credits and lose focus on things and don’t move forward with things. Good luck to you and to you too Josh…

      Stay safe Danny. I hate the weather sometimes it can be quite scary. Glad you are okay after the typhoon you experienced. Btw, if you don’t mind me asking, where are you going to school?…

      We’ve had rain for 7+ days now and it still continues. It really has kept us out of 90 degree weather and it makes me appreciate 80+ degrees. Sharing 5 day forecast…

      • Danny says:

        Hi Rhonda, Raining cats and dogs all day today! Well I hope your niece has a fabulous time at College. I go to the Taipei Chengshih University. People from all over the world go there, Its like the UN of schools. People there are nice. Weather has been rainy for the past few days!

        Me and my man had Real authenticChinese food! really good! Had Tofu, Kung Pao Chicken! and some other thing with shrimp and lots of delicious veggies! (Jenny you’d be proud of me I had all my veggies!) liver and onions! Of course I had a few beers! I had tea as well.

      • Danny says:

        Well it’s 03:45am where I live! couldn’t sleep! Nightmare city lol. Well yesterday I re-arranged my furniture! cleaned house top to bottom! Made a wonderful late dinner for me and my man! . I made the switch to afternoon class! Yay! I start 12:00-3:00pm!! today! Had a Typhoon holiday the day before yesterday! Made the best of it! Went food shopping, facebooked! lol chatted a lot! Almost 4 am dont want to go back to sleep! lol Hope all is good with you all! Wish me luck! (new classes and all)

        • Rhonda says:

          It seems your schedule is set in stone for now anyway. I need to work on a better schedule. I stay up late because I don’t have to be at work until noon. Even before my schedule changed I was night owl. I don’t like naps. They really mess my sleep up. Hopefully by the holidays they will have hired us some help and I can get back on track with things. I would have time in the evening and at night to do some house cleaning by cleaning out clutter. Cabinets need to be cleaned out and closets too. I wish you luck Danny with your classes and the new schedule…

          Jenny you have me wanting to buy new cookware and dishes…lol…out with the old in with the new. I don’t think I’m gonna save as much money as I did last year because I’m usually a penny pincher, a tight one. I’ve been still penny pinching but also splurging here and there with things as well…

          • Danny says:

            I hate taking naps, messes up my sleep paterns as well! But I still take them. 5 mins till 4 am! Well anyway. Had a real fun time at schol. My new teacher is a real jem! We worked on my tones for a long minute. She’s really cool very VERY! patient with me! made a few sentences in chinese. Need to work on my strokes when writing Chinese Characters. You need to be an artist to write those Characters! Really beutiful language. Everytime I’m here is a new and beutiful experience! Asia is very heart warming! Wish you were here! We could do brunch and talk about our favorite Jenny episodes and gossip all day! I could show you around town. We could swap food recepies! Listening to Jem and the Holograms music videos! I know it’s just a cartoon, but for me it’s a lifestyle! talk to you soon! bye!

          • Josh says:

            Hey Danny and Rhonda!

            I’m also a night owl, but no matter how late I stay up I always seem to wake up early lol.

            It’s strange to think that I have lived here almost 6 months now. I am still loving it, and I am anxiously waiting for the cool(er) weather. My lease will be up soon and I want to start looking for a new place, something just a little bit bigger.

            I went from having a large 3 bedroom house to a small one bedroom apartment with an open living room kitchen area lol, but it has worked out great. I would just like a little more space.

            I still have some of my stuff back in Indiana, so I’m also wanting to send for it. I do miss my kitchen things, most of which I’ve had to put into storage because there was so much of it lol!

            Danny what is your major? So far classes are going good for me, but we’ll see in a couple of weeks if I’m running around campus like Emily Ros3 lmao.

            Take care everyone.

            • Danny says:

              Hi Josh,

              I’m attending Taipei Chengshih University. I’m currently learning how to speak, write, do everything Chinese. Really hard but it’s fun. Learning abroad really fun and exiting. Being so far from home really is strange. I miss the comforts of home. I also left a nice big house 3 berooms! Huge front and back yards. Now I have to settle for a small 1 bedrom! no kitchen which sucks because I just love to cook! Well at least I get to taste other new foods here in Taipei. Love it! I do miss the old neighborhood in Long Beach CA!!! Ive been up since yesterday I just took a 1 hr nap around 4pm yesterday! Now Its 7:11am Saturday! been Faceboking/ youtubing since then! I think I should be doing better things like studying! LOL! But it is the weekend! Mon- Fri all I do is non stop study! I guess we can all take a break! Nice chatting with ya! Jenny Rhonda Josh hope all of you are have a wonderfu Friday night! BYE!

            • Rhonda says:

              It’s great you are doing so well in Vegas with things Josh and you too Danny in Taipei. I see both had to down size living space but Josh I can understanding wanting more space. The house me and my mom live in had 6 people living in it at one time a long time ago and looking back we think how did we all fit…lol…it worked out though somehow. Now there’s just 2 of us and it’s spacey enough for the both of us, except for the kitchen. It’s really small. Wish it was bigger but it’s not so bad as is. My dad talked about adding on to that side to make the kitchen bigger but he never got that going. Who knows maybe I can get that done if I really wanted too…

              Danny, Jan and Tyler were my favorite guests of all. That show drew me in to watch the show more and more. So May/Dec relationships was probably my favorite shows. I also liked makeovers, out of control teens/boot camp with Raymond Moses and update shows as well. Which no topic was a boring topic coming from her show. Jenny was the best at what she did. She learned from Donahue which was my all time favorite talk show until Jenny came along. The more I think about it. It just came natural for her to be the best she could be as a host and she did a great job with that 😀

  24. Josh says:

    Hello Everyone!

    Sorry to have been M.I.A. for so long, but classes have kept me very busy! Luckily right now I have about a week off before my next semester. I am taking the next Anatomy class, which is going to be somewhat tougher than the last one I took.
    They are hard enough to make you want to rip your hair out, but at the same time, I find it all so rewarding, and it’s all very interesting to me, so the pro’s do outweigh the cons, and truly I love learning all these new things about how the body is formed and how it works.

    On a different note:

    Has anyone seen any Cirque Du Soleil shows? I have seen a few, and I love them!! I remember several years ago they showed a few on TV, and I didn’t care much for them, maybe it was because that was all my aunt would watch and it burnt me out, but honestly seeing them in person, they have such a magical feeling to them!

    • Rhonda says:

      Glad you are still doing classes but sorry they are getting tough for you, but who says school is easy. If you are willing to try that’s all that matters really, right? Keep focused and stay on track with things and you will succeed is my motto for you or anyone willing to better themselves with more schooling. Now a days you have to do more schooling to get a good job to be able to live comfortable, that is if you have or if are thinking of your future with a family to support. Right now I’m happy where I am. My pay at Walmart is nothing for me to worry about with bills and things, so school for me right now is something I don’t think about that often. I’m comfortable where I am. Walmart has changed but I blame the economy collapse for that…

      Speaking of work, inventory is October 9th and I’m staying on top of things to make it easy for us next month in my department. It’s not my job to do a lot I’m doing but if it means no stress then I’m willing to do it. We have a department manager and she transferred from Chicago. She’s been with us 6 months and she told me just a couple weeks ago she don’t know if she will last. We are short handed in frozen/dairy and I mentioned in a meeting about what needs to be done and what they expect because they tell us to do one thing and then something else has to be done and there’s not enough people to get it all done. When I asked what to do the manager holding the meeting told me they know we need help and 3 positions have been opened up and they are working on things for my ares. I just hope they get us people before the holidays. Walmart does try and fill positions as best as they can but it’s not their fault if a person has a bad background or if they can’t pass a drug test. My department manager just interviewed someone for dairy and has no idea what happened with that person not coming back for the job. She probably knows. I just haven’t asked her again…

      And to answer you about watching Cirque Du Soleil shows. I may have come across some but they never really had my interest. I will have to youtube and check them out. I do know I love Broadway shows. I never knew that I liked them so much until me and a group of us went and seen RENT at the Fox Theatre here in Atlanta. I have also went and seen Wicked a couple years ago with a friend of mine and enjoy it too, so yeah Broadway shows are pretty awesome…

      I love music. Sharing last 2 songs I heard on the radio. “Fun” I love these guys. His videos seem so energetic. Can almost feel the energy he has. “Uncle Kracker”. I find him handsome and attractive, but doesn’t compare to Bon Jovi. Nobody compares to Jon Bon Jovi. I just love him. Bon Jovi was my teen idol. I bought magazines only if he was in it…lol…seriously and yep posters inside went on my walls. I have all his CDs as well 🙂
      Fun.: Carry On [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
      Uncle Kracker – Drift Away (video) album version audio

  25. Josh says:

    There is this restaurant in Vegas called “lotus of siam.” It’s upscale Thai food. The first time I went I expected the food to be greasy and just alright, but it’s actually some of the best food I have ever had.

    The chef has won numerous James Beard awards and the restaurant has been covered in so many magazines and a lot of celebrities frequent. Really, if any of you ever come to Vegas you have to go! The prices are reasonable and the food is out of this world!

    Alright, now on to my story.

    So I had ordered a cup of spicy and sour vegetable soup to start. It has mushrooms, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots and lemongrass, it’s really good. However, this time I said I wanted it medium heat, and upon tasting it, I should have said low lol! But it was still good so I ate it, it was hot though. So I had my cup of soup (Which is just a small bowl) sitting directly in front of me, and it’s still 2/3 full. My spoon was also in my hand as I picked up my glass to take a drink of water. Just then the waiter came by and took my soup!

    I was shocked lol the thing was almost full. I have never seen anything like that before. I would have said something like “WHOA WAIT A MINUTE!!” but I was in shock and it took a few to register as to what just happened! Luckily the rest of the meal was great, but I did guard my plate haha. I have been several times now and even with the soup issue it’s still one of my new favorite places.

    • Jenny says:

      Josh, I love that restaurant. We go there every time we’re in Vegas (when we can get in!) and it’s really great. Even thought it’s off the beaten path, a good restaurant will always get discovered.

    • Rhonda says:

      Josh it would have shocked me to for someone to take food from me without asking first. It’s good you can let things roll off your back even though the waiter was in the wrong for taking your food. The soup sounds really good. I love everything that’s in it. I love Thai food. I haven’t had a lot of it and the first time I had it was when I went to Seattle to visit a friend. I don’t think we have a Thai restaurant even here. We have some Asian restaurants like Chinese and Japanese but I like the Japanese ones better. I just think it’s so neat how they cook the food right there in front of you. I’ve also had Indian food too. That can be a bit spicy as well. I do like foods that bite back. Lady at work made curry and brought some extra in for some of us to try and wow it was a bit warm but I liked it. Never had Korean, but all these different cultures are similar food wise…

  26. Danny says:

    Was watching Jenny’s best of 98! What great memories!

    • Rhonda says:

      You had me watching it and I agree it does bring back memories. I miss her show so much but things don’t go on forever and must come to an end. The audience was one of the best parts of her show. She let them talk whenever they wanted to speak. Unlike some of the other talkshows only talking the last segment for audience question. A lot of them did that but not Jenny. She learned from the best which was Phil Donahue and he was good at hosting too. Best way to describe her show was everyone was there to have a good time and believe me her show isn’t scripted like others us to say on other message boards. Her show had a good run and I’m glad she has a talkshow under her belt among everything else Jenny has done in life. She has done so much to be proud of. Now it’s time for her to just kick back and enjoy the things she loves doing. I understand fans miss seeing her on tv but I wish WB would come out with a type of series for each year she was on air or just a long Best of DVD just to make everyone happy 🙂

      • Danny says:

        Hi Rhonda, it’s been a while since I blogged on here. Hope you are doing awesome! Im doing well, I decided to have a mental health day today with my man. Had a nice much needed time together, had coffee and talked. Also I had a chance to go on the internet today. Also had a chance to do some “Spring Cleaning” of our apartment we share ( felt guilty for ditching school) Listening to Belinda Carlisle while cleaning! Just love her! Still listening to her while on the internet. LOL. Work hard play hard right? Or in my case spend time with boyfriend,ditch school, clean house, Jenny Jones and Belinda Carlisle break.

        Don’t worry Rhonda I don’t make ditching a habbit. Such a dork because we have summer break next week! Been working hard, I forgot! Well at least cleaning is out of the way! Knowing my man or our son ( Devil cat) I will have to clean all over again! I call our cat The devil cat because that’s what he is! he bit me on my eye brow while I was laying down today. Left a scar as well. How will I explain my scar at school tomorrow? Yeah I was sick! my cat bit me! Very believable huh?

        Well let me digress, yeah They need to make out with a Jenny Jones dvd set! (While there at it they should do the same for One Life To Live, and Passions!!)
        Jenny’s show was one of a kind. It was very entertaining, fun and exiting. Jenny cared for her guest. She was very welcoming. When I was “older” I had a few mimosas with my brunch watching the show. While in high school during vacation my younger siblings would know that at 11am 2pm was their quiet time. I would reward them with pizza and soda for their cooperation. Anyhow Sorry got sidetracked. Jenny kept things fresh on her show. It was her warm hearted humor that kept the show alive.

        Everything Jenny does, she does it with love. Wheater it’s her cooking, Jenny’s heroes, her cook books, and yes giving makeovers! She does it with love and compassion. LOL I just loved her makeover shows! You are lucky you were there at a taping! Jenny’s show was a real jem. That’s why she lasted for 12 whole seasons!

        Well I said a whole mouthful. I hope everybody reading this novel of a post, is having a great time. If not there is always a light at the end of the tunnel!

        • Rhonda says:

          You seem to be really busy with things and ditching school isn’t a bad thing depending on the reason you ditched, right? I hope you plan on sticking with school because it’s good one goes to school. Maybe I could go back to school but I have no idea what I want to do. My sister just tonight mentioned it to me because she is going back to school and she’s trying to encourage me to as well but nah not right now anyway. I don’t have it in me. I don’t feel I do…

          Speaking of spring cleaning I need to do that. I consider myself an organized person and things are not right here at the house. The hall closets are a mess. I think so anyway. I do have jackets to go through and give to good will and I actually need new clothes and work clothes. I like to save I don’t like to spend but I will have to go shopping soon. I did manage to upgrade my phone and got an iphone4 this past week and I’ve been trying to get use to it. Funny thing happened this morning. My shift I work is 12-9pm it use to be earlier but the closer transferred back home, so now I have to close which is not working out for them because they keep calling me in early like this morning. They called me around 9:30am and I reached over to turn off my phone thinking it was the alarm and it was my work and my asst got hung up on…lol…by accident of course. She called back before I could call her…

          Work is going okay. I was told last week 2 positions have opened up for frozen dairy one person for each area because we have lost help in both areas. Once they are trained on what to do with downloading trucks and things like what I do on 2nd shift. I was told I will be working 9am-6pm reason being because things are not getting done during the day. Our inventory was at a 10% almost at a 9% when I worked earlier and when they changed my shift inventory went up to a 23%. They want the number as low as possible. I don’t worry about it. I’m not there to control that anymore until they make changes…

          Oh and the new guy I felt sorry for. I don’t feel as sorry for him anymore. He seems like he doesn’t want to work and he doesn’t listen. I became frustrated with him, so I let him be. If he isn’t willing to learn then I’m not gonna waste my time trying to train someone like him…

          • Danny says:

            You are one busy woman! Way back I used to work night shift. I used to be a checker at a Department Store I’m not naming them because they were jerks to me! I was in my late teens. Dealing with the public is no picnic! Then after that I worked at another Dept Store part time and had another office job, Oy the headaches! Training people is no picnic! Been there done that! I tell all my trainees If you really want to work here you do as I tell you, I’ve been where you are too. Those that didn’t, lasted a few days.

            Now I know how Jenny felt like dealing with those unruly teens/ Adults. Then I also had a few warehouse jobs which I loved because they were grave yard!

            Like I tell everyone, It’s never too late to go back to school! At any age. It’s up to you. You will know when it’s the right time for you!

            • Rhonda says:

              Yeah I work too hard I think. They tell me when I come back from vacation they are glad to see me…lol…seriously though I appreciate knowing they appreciate me and my work. They say thank you to me a lot. With school being out we are busy but I like it that way. Slow days are for the birds. They can feel like the longest day ever…

              The public can be difficult, I agree but I have to say working at Walmart is not so bad. I wouldn’t be there for almost 14 years if it was bad. I have had rude customers but most of them are the nicest people you would ever want to meet. I do my best in trying to help people find what they need and the funniest thing happened not to long ago. A lady was looking for Hispanic cola and when I didn’t know where it was she found another associate and told them she wanted to speak to a manager. The 14 years I’ve been with the company I have never had a complaint but I had a complaint. Don’t know what she told my manger but my manger came out the doors and said to me “Rhonda, did you have a complaint today?” I just smiled at her and said “maybe”. I explained to her that the lady jumped the gun and didn’t give me a chance to remember we have a Hispanic isle. I have changed a customers whole personality and mood just by how he/she was talked to and approached…

              I’m gonna have to say between Jenny’s show helping me understand people and my job being in society and the public eye makes my job easy to go to everyday. Jenny’s show was a whole lot of society based topics. One that interest me. I guess boot camp and Raymond Moses is a perfect example. I loved when he was on and put those teens in their place. I also loved her psychologists that appear on her show. Jean Cirillo and Debra Cooper. I loved their input. Maybe psychology could be something I could think about doing for college. I can read people like the back of my hand sometimes it seems…

              Jenny, I just wanted to post this and share it. It reminds me of what your show was all about as I watched your show year after year. I’ve always thought this with this song and your show…

              Everyday People – Joan Jett

  27. Danny says:

    Happy be-lated birthday Jenny!

  28. Rhonda says:

    Josh, it’s awesome you passed with A’s and B’s and it seems you are doing just fine out in Vegas. Tough for anyone to find a job now a days but I wish you lots of luck with the job hunt. If this one didn’t fall through then just keep looking. You need something to keep you busy anyway until fall at least, so find that job 😉

    Did you sense my vibes?…lol…seriously… I thought about you on my way to work today because I know last time I posted you had mentioned looking for a job. It’s summer and places will need the help so keep looking. Btw what type of job are you looking for? Just wondering…

    Sorry again for your Grandfather’s passing. It will take time for healing. I still get upset because my Dad isn’t here. My Mom on Mother’s Day got upset because I was leaving for work and I wish her a Happy Mother’s Day and she get’s upset. I had to calm her down before I left and ended up being late. I think it’s was because my Dad’s not her and she’s just sensitive to anything. One of my sister’s called right when I’m about to leave out the door and gets her upset again…lol…I have no idea where Tiffie is. It’s been a while. I kinda miss her and Lesli both 🙁

    Work is okay. My partner in crime…lol…transferred back to her home town and boy do I miss her 🙁 I trained her well on what to do and now my help is new, young and never has had a job before in his life, so he’s really new. I bet he isn’t over the age of 21 years old. He’s just sooo slow getting it. I feel like I’m running circles around him…lol…it’s gonna take time for him to catch on. Walmart goes by your productivity and I hate to say it if he doesn’t speed it up in the next couple weeks I don’t know what they will do with him. Most likely they would move him around to different areas until he fits in and takes on what he can handle, because Frozen/Dairy ain’t no joke. Poor guy does try and do his best. I give him a 6 on a scale 1-10…
    I want to share these links of Full Albums. These might be before your time Josh but you might like’em, so I want to share’em…
    The Steve Miller Band – Greatest Hits 1974 – 1978 (1978) Full Album
    Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band – Greatest Hits (1994) Full Album

  29. Josh says:

    I hope everyone is doing well.
    It’s been hot the last couple of days, in the 90’s! But it cools down at night and there is a breeze which makes it nice.

    My dad called me the other day to tell me that my grandfather wasn’t doing well and that he was probably going to pass away.

    As much as I do love it here, I do miss my family and it feels hopeless not being able to be with them or my grandmother especially, during this time. Also, other expenses came up, like a huge electric bill(!!) so I wasn’t able to pay my phone bill this month, so I’m still waiting to hear back from my family or them from me. None of them know how to use a computer either lol, which complicates things and does cause me to feel a tad cut off.

    I’m trying to think positively and not dwell too much on the bad/sad stuff.

    Aside from that, things are going good with me, my classes will be finished up the week after next and then I will be able to transfer, which I am looking forward too. Also, there is rosemary growing everywhere here! People use it to landscape. I go out at night and clip some and then use it to cook with lol. There’s so much I doubt anyone will ever miss it.

    • Rhonda says:

      Aw Josh I’m sorry to hear your grandfather isn’t doing well. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. It makes me sad knowing you are having a tough time right now. Things will look up for you soon. It doesn’t seem you are settled in either but give it time. At least the weather is nice. At night we still are using the heat especially after it rains because it gets cold at night so I know what you mean. You mentioned electric bill and I have to say I’ve even lowered my bill. They just redone my budget for my electricity usage a month and it went from $175.00 a month to $131.00 a month…

      It’s funny Josh I’m glad you can just walk out and pick all the rosemary you want just like soon Jenny can walk outside and pick all the tomatoes she wants…lol…seriously!…Maybe it won’t be too bad this year Jenny. You’re tough you can handle those things growing crazy like they did. Hey maybe you and Josh and throw something together using the crazy plants you guys have come across…

      Take care Josh and you too Jenny and BTW Josh, I wish you were closer to family because of your grandfather being ill. I hope they are at least keeping in touch and informed of his well being 🙁

      • Josh says:

        Thanks for the prayers: )
        My electric bill was so high because of getting it turned on, and because there have been some days where you have to run the air conditioning all day long, then at night you can usually turn it off and open the windows.

        Needless to say, I miss my phone especially when things are going on. I finally tracked down a payphone so I was able to speak to my family, even though the call was a little choppy in sound. Sadly my Grandfather did pass away. I know I’m with them in spirit, but it feels disconnected in a way.

        I do know what you mean about being “settled” I do think that will take a little time but it will happen. I just wish I could talk to my family as often as I did.

        Also, the other day, I began having slight pain in my foot, which quickly became worse to the point of me limping. I did a little research and its tendonitis, which is painful and makes it hard to get around. I’m trying to stay in the house with my foot up and ice on it.

        I’m sorry this post is such a downer one, I really didn’t mean for it to come out that way. I’m just glad there are people who will listen to me work through some of this stuff, so thanks for that! 🙂

        • Rhonda says:

          I’m sorry for your loss, Josh. My thoughts and prayers are still with you and your family. Really for you because if you are a close family I know this is hard for you to deal with being away from them when a crisis happens. I think you feel disconnected because you are a close family and you are many states away from them. I feel so bad for you because you are by yourself when you need family support during this time but at least you can speak to them on the phone and vent to people on the internet and I’m one who will listen to others. You seem to be doing okay. I’m sure you are handling things just fine. You seem like you are. Again, I’m really sorry for your Grandfather’s passing…

          Oh and Josh take care of that foot. Walking probably caused you to get Tendonitis. Maybe take it easy on the walks and take the bus and try to balance it out. Do research on what to do for it if you haven’t already because you don’t want it to get worse. I went ahead and searched it too. Maybe you can change things up a bit for a quick healing process 🙂

          Home Remedies for Foot Tendonitis

          What Are the Treatments for Tendinitis of the Foot?

          • Josh says:

            My foot is finally all better! Thanks for all the great tips. I think staying off of it as much as possible really did help.

            Classes ended last week and I am happy to say I passed them all with A’s and B’s! I have one more Anatomy class to take, but I am going to wait until fall for that since summer classes are only 10 or 8 weeks. I need the extra time for that one lol.

            It’s been really hot here lately, but I’m still not bothered by it. I’m still on the hunt for a job. I have an interview tomorrow afternoon and I hope it goes well.
            It would be nice to not only be making money but to be able to be more productive. It’s weird but once classes end its like YES! And then I’m like OH! There isn’t anything to do lol.

            I hope everyone is doing well. Send me good vibes : ) And thank you Rhonda for your well wishes about my Grandpa. It’s was and is really hard. I finally was able to talk to my grandma and thankfully she is keeping it together. She is a strong lady. I know that in time it will get better, it’s just tough right now and I do wish I was able to go visit my family, but I know I will be able to eventually.

            BTW where is Tiffie? I haven’t seen her on here in a while.

  30. Rhonda says:

    Hey Josh, I hope things are going good for you while living in Vegas. Has your Dad adjusted to the time and letting you at least sleep in some days and how is the schools out there?? Are they any different??? Sorry for the 50 questions but just wondering how you are adjusting to things. A bit concerned with having you chip a tooth and you are new to the area. By the way have you fixed the tooth problem by chance? Just wondering if you are okay 😀
    Take care Josh…

    • Josh says:

      Hi Rhonda,

      I really like it here, the heat is nice and I love how it can be hot, yet not humid at all! Being here, I’m actually walking a lot more, usually 5 to 8 miles a day depending, the most I’ve managed to do is 12 in one day! I sold my car before I moved so walking is how I’m getting around and also buses. I’m sure I will need to get a car at some point but until then I’m enjoying walking, and I feel so much better being active.

      My dad is still calling me at all hours lol, but I do think he and my mom are adjusting to me being here. They were understanding and really happy for me, but it’s been hard on them and me too being away from them.

      The school here is really nice, and very big! I’m still in classes at my Indiana school. They are online, I just have to remember the time difference so everything gets turned in on time. I’m planning to enroll and register with this school next week.

      I was in so much pain with my tooth, but thankfully it is no longer hurting. I still need to get it fixed and I’m really going to try to find a place but so far it’s been hard to find a place that will offer payment plans especially since a few of the places I’ve gone to charge a lot just to pull a tooth.

      I’m also job hunting. I’ve been on a few interviews and I have another one today It’s an office type job. Maybe if I get the job they will offer me full dental! Lol
      Thanks for asking about me : ) Is everything going well with you?

      • Rhonda says:

        Glad things are working out for you Josh and I’m glad you are liking it out there. I forgot you were taking classes online but I’m sure you will like the school you checked out even better. It will help you socialize with others. Have you met anyone out there? Like neighbors or other students maybe being in Vegas for the same reason you are? AND have you had to tell on the noisy neighbor being loud?…lol…don’t mean to laugh Josh but it’s just the way you said “you were going to tell on them”…I’m also glad your parents are taking it okay, but like I said with your Dad calling too early at least he thinks to call and check in on you. I think that’s so sweet. He seems like a really great father and I’m sure your mother is sweet as well. It’s good that it’s not humid there and you can enjoy your walks. I’m walking on my breaks at work just to get some exercise in and to change my routine up some Hopefully you can get a job soon to get you a car and get your tooth fixed. I’m glad it’s not hurting. Just be careful eating on that side until it is fixed 🙂

        I’m doing okay. Thanks for asking. A few weeks ago we had an awful hail storm. I’ve got little dings on my car from the storm. You really can’t see them unless you get really close, so it’s not to bad. I thought it was going to break my car window because it was hitting so hard and the house window…Omg!…I was praying they wouldn’t break. The hail was the size of a baseball. Anyway I don’t want to make a claim on my car because it’s an old car but still in great shape. I keep the maintenance up on it like I just had new brake put on the front and back yesterday. Next is an oil change but my sister’s car is older than mine and they wanted to total hers out instead of fixing it and she wouldn’t let them. Plus I don’t want to have a problem with meeting my deductible if it’s not gonna cost much to fix it and then my insurance go up. I plan on having it painted soon anyway so I will spend the money then to get the dings out. Heck, it already had dings in it from car doors hitting it at work so what’s a few more, ya know?. I love my car. My car gets me around and about. I do park it while on vacation and chose to rent instead. It saves the life of your car is how I see it…

        Oh and the pollen is awful here. How bout where you are?? I’ve got itchy watery eyes and I need to stop rubbing my eyes because it’s making them feel chapped and red. I have been using eye drops though. I don’t like taking meds either Jenny but I might have to take some Claritin…ugh…

        • Josh says:

          I’m sorry to hear about your car. I know even if the dings can’t be seen by other people, you probably still notice them lol, I know I would. They should be an easy thing to fix though. It sounds like it was an awful storm!

          I was on the bus yesterday and all of the sudden the bus driver slammed on the breaks, everyone went flying and people were screaming, so I look out my window, which I’m sitting against and this huge white truck is pointed at my window. It was so close, I could see him perfectly. Luckily no one was hurt, and you better believe I do feel lucky!

          If the bus driver hadn’t acted in the way she did something horrible would have happened!

          Aside from that, I have spoken to some of my neighbors, mainly when I’m going in or out. I’ve had to tell on the ones three times now for playing their music so loudly. It vibrates the whole place, and is so annoying.

          I haven’t really met anyone else, it’s a little hard for me to meet people, especially in such a new place, but I know in time I will : )

          I’m still on the hunt for a job, and I hope I find one soon! LOL. I did go to an interview last week and they told me I got the job.. Don’t get excited. It was a scam!! I’m going to write about it in a bit, it’s just going to be long, so I’ll do a separate posting.

          Hope you’re doing Alright. I will keep you posted with the job hunting and the tooth.

  31. Josh says:

    I was sitting here the other night surfing the web and eating chex mix. Well, I bit down on one of the “bread sticks” and it chipped one of my back teeth!

    Now my tooth is in horrible pain and I think it may be infected. Last night was awful, I woke up every 20 minutes, and that’s with using orajel and rinsing my mouth with salt water (Which actually does help!)

    I know that I need to go to the dentist, and I am scared of the dentist, but at this point I’m like YES BABY!!! hahaha.

    I must admit that at one point in the night I did try to pull it myself, but because it’s so far back I think I only made things worse. I guess when I get up in the morning I’m going to see if I can find a dentist. There are a ton here.
    I thought about going to the er. but I doubt they would be able to do anything and I would feel strange calling a dentist that I’ve never met before at 4 in the morning for an emergency.

    Hopefully in the morning I will find a good one and be able to go right on in and have it taken care of.

    Wish me luck!

    • Rhonda says:

      Aw Josh I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with a broken tooth. I hope you have gotten that tooth taken care of. A bad tooth is never a good thing. Jenny can vouch for that one, huh Jenny? And I can’t believe you tried to pull the tooth out yourself. I’m glad you didn’t get it out. It sounds a bit dangerous doing it that way. You don’t want to leave root or pieces of bone deep in the gum and have a more serious problem. At least you found something to ease the pain until you found a dentist. Salty water is also good for a sore throat warm salty water that is…

      BTW Jenny, I got my cookbook yesterday and thank you for signing it. That was a nice thing to do. When seeing your show Live I took your autobiography with me and the guy seating us took it backstage for you to sign for me and I thank you for signing that as well. Since you signed the cookbook it makes me want to tuck it away with your autobiography and not share with my sisters…lol…

      • Josh says:

        Ha, when I was writing that I was thinking of Jenny’s trip to the dentist.
        I’m still looking for a dentist here, and hopefully Money I will be able to get this taken out. Thankfully it hasn’t been hurting quite as badly as it was. I can’t believe I tried to pull it either! I’m not as tough as that makes me look haha, I was just in that much pain. I’m glad it’s slightly better while I look for someone to take it out and I think I have found someone, I just need to get info together like proof of address and such.
        Jenny, I got my cookbook today! Thank you so much and thank you for signing it, I feel so special, you have no idea!! 🙂

        • Rhonda says:

          lol…I thought of Jenny too and her trip to the dentist. I felt bad for her and I feel bad for you because you still haven’t gotten it taken care of and I can bet you are watching what you eat until it’s fixed. I’m sure when you first broke your tooth the pain was unbearable but you never know how much a person can stand until they do what you felt like doing with your tooth and you might have succeeded with pulling it if the pain didn’t ease. You are probably tougher than what you think Josh, but now I know you said that as a figure of speech. I think you are smart enough to know it wouldn’t be a good idea to pill a broken tooth and I’m glad your looking into finding a dentist you can trust. I just hope you find one quick so you don’t have to prolong it any further…

          Jenny is just so nice and she does make her fans feel special like you said Josh.

  32. Josh says:

    Hello all,

    Guess where I am? Vegas!
    I talked to my parents and they love me so much that they wanted me to do whatever makes me happy. I do feel blessed to have them as my parents. They always taught me what was important in life, but they also instilled in me the importance of discovering yourself and creating your own world.

    They told me that if I ever want to come back, I can. Thank you Rhonda and Jenny for your advice. Like what you were saying my mother told me that in life you do need to take risks and have new experiences.

    I love Vegas, the heat and palm tress (Although it hailed the other day!!) Walking down the strip just one block, about 15 people will offer you discounted tickets, coupons, pornographic cards etc. That is what I find annoying!

    I got an apartment here and I sign the lease and move in tomorrow.
    My new place is right next to the college and still close enough to explore the city. I’m going to finish this semester with online classes and then transfer for the next one.

    I feel really good about things, and Jenny I wont be gambling!

    • Rhonda says:

      Hey Josh, it’s great that your parents were so understanding of you doing this. I think they see that you do well for yourself and need not worry about you being out of state for school. My niece wants to go to a school in New York but my sister has mentioned she doesn’t want her that far away, so they are some parents out there who are against what you have done for yourself with parents approval. Harrayy! for you Josh. Hoping things are better for you there and hoping you can get where you want to get career wise. For you to find things annoying walking the strip tells me you aren’t there for fun. You seem like a really smart person, so where you are with all the site seeing and temptation of gambling for some people I don’t think you have all that in you. I think you are in Vegas for a better life and I hope that you get it 😀
      Good luck in all you do, Josh and of course keep us posted 🙂

      • Josh says:


        Thanks for your kind words; it means a lot to me 🙂
        I’m all moved into my new place, I like it here. It’s so quite. The only thing is for the past 2 nights around 1am a neighbor will play music so loudly I can feel it vibrating my walls! I’m new here, so I’m going to wait to see if it’s just an occasional thing, if not I’m going to tell on them lol. I did hear someone else playing a Spanish version of “piano man” lol so that was pretty cool.

        The one thing that I have yet to adjust to is the heat, as soon as I walk outside I’m already sweating. I give it 2 months before I get a buzz cut. I do like it here though; it’s so pretty and as strange as it is to say, off the strip Vegas can be a calm and relaxing place.

        I still don’t know anyone here, so I have moments of loneliness but I will make friends. I’m looking forward to what this place holds for me. I have to admit that I did gamble only twice. The first time I won 2 dollars on penny slots and I cashed out as soon as I got it! Then the next day I played them again and won 7, I cashed that out too! That’s enough gambling for me, because as fun as it is to win, it sucks to lose.

        My Dad doesn’t understand the time change though, and he will call me at 4 or 5 in the morning and ask what I’m doing lol.

        I’ll keep you posted and thank you for your well wishes! Congrats again on winning the contest, I can’t believe you and I both won 🙂

        • Rhonda says:

          You’re welcome Josh. You seem like a good person with a good head on your shoulders and deserves to get what you want out of life. I’m sorry your Dad calls so early, but at least he’s thinking about you. He will adjust in due time. I know it sucks when neighbors are rude. I hope that’s just a faze here and there for you. If it’s not then I don’t blame you for telling on them…lol…and Josh it doesn’t hurt to enjoy yourself every now and then if you have the money to do so. I’m glad that you won but please take Jenny’s advice on that one. Don’t let it get out of control. I have faith in you that you are still a smart person and will do the right things living in Vegas. Just remember why you went there to begin with. I think you know when you can and when you can’t spend and chance it at gambling. Stay cool and don’t let the heat get to you this summer and continue to keep us informed and updated 😀
          Take care Josh…

  33. Josh says:

    Jenny and everyone,

    Recently I have decided to move to Vegas. There are several reasons, such as the weather, the culture of a large city, better schools for me and a lot more jobs than there are here in Indiana. Not to mention the rent that I would be paying would be cheaper than what I’m paying here!

    I’m so excited, but I’m also extremely nervous because I just bought my plane ticket and I haven’t told my parents yet! It’s been sort of last minute but it’s well thought out, I just fear it’s going to look like I’ve waited until the last second to tell them. We also live in different towns, but we are extremely close and see each other a lot. I don’t want to hurt them or cause them to feel like they will never see me again.

    How can I break this news in the best way possible? I am telling them today because I can’t wait any longer, I just wanted some input first. Thanks 🙂

    • Jenny says:

      Wow! Well, first off, I used to live in Las Vegas and my stepmom lives there now. It’s a vibrant city with a lot of opportunities (as long as you don’t gamble – seriously – it’s for visitors only!) Tell your parents right away and I would consider canceling your flight and then re-book it after you’ve told them. Otherwise, they will surely be hurt that you didn’t tell them first. GIve them a little time to adjust to the idea. To help sell them on your move, remind them that almost everyone loves going to Vegas and now they’ll have a place to stay and someone who knows the best buffets. I personally believe you have to take risks in life. If you don’t make the move you will always wonder, “What could have happened if I had gone to Vegas?” I will also ask you the same questions they probably will:
      ~Where will you stay?
      ~Have you researched the job opportunities?
      ~Do you have enough finances while you look for work?
      ~What’s the long term plan?

    • Rhonda says:

      Good advice from Jenny. Your parents should know before you make a move. Re book like Jenny said if you have to. I think your parents will come more of understanding if they think it’s something you are considering in a week or so instead of right away. They do need time to adjust to the news of you moving out of state. I know it’s hard to go to school and keep up with everything else and it seems you might be having difficulthies where you are in indiana. I say if it helps to make this move then go for it like Jenny said. I hope the move brings you comfort and makes things a bit easier for you…
      Take care Josh and keep us posted 😀

  34. Rhonda says:

    I was surfing around and came across Rosie’s FB page and I figured I would see what’s up with her new show on OWN network and I found out she has been cancelled after 5 months. Wow! Didn’t last very long and I hate to say it but she will never be a star like she once was. She has put a bad image in people’s minds with her attitude and the way she is towards others. After seeing her on E.T. one night slamming Jenny and her show made me not even give her show a peep and watching the View the last year she was on I really didn’t like her. She’s just out and right mean and very hateful. I’m sorry but that’s my honest opinion of her…

    I hate celebrities who think they are above others when they are merely an equal. Just because you have a lot of money doesn’t make you any better than anyone else. I can’t stand people like that celebrity or not. Jenny is the perfect celebrity whom deserves to be respected to the fullest. I’m sure they are more celebs like you Jenny but I’m just saying, because I’m venting again. These 2 really tick me off more than anyone because I loved Oprah once and Rosie was okay until they started bad talking other people. How RUDE!!!…

    Oh and Jenny it seems Oprah moved Rosie’s show from New York to Chicago in hopes to be a hit and I was Youtubing and I got the feeling after watching a couple of Rosie’s clips it seems she was trying to draw in your audience from the windy city with musical bands and games and fun stuff like you would do on a show. I feel like she tried to copy your show. Shame on her!…

    Rosie Show Cancalled from OWN

    • Danny says:

      Rhonda, yeah like I said many times before Jenny actually cares about people and not ratings like all the other wannabes. That’s why their shows failed.

      It takes more than good looks to run a talk show. It takes a special kind of person who is compassionate loving and caring. That’s why Jenny’s show lasted for a long time. I also liked Oprah and Maury. But this is a Jenny’s Page! lol.

    • Josh says:

      Thanks for the code Rhonda, I’m going to write it down and the next time my connection acts up I will give it a try. Luckily though it’s been working fine lately.

      I agree, Jenny is such a nice celebrity and really most people in her position wouldn’t even take the time to acknowledge us, let alone really care what we think and have to say.

      I watched a few episodes of Rosie’s show, but due to it being on at night, I was doing other things most nights. It seemed like they were trying to do the old show, and recapture what that was, but in such a way that they were trying to make it look like they weren’t which caused a watered down, almost cheep feeling to it.

      When I was in Chicago, I saw Jenni from “flipping out” on the sidewalk, and I must have looked like an idiot just looking at her, but she was so nice! She was on her cell phone and even told them she would have to call them back, and she talked to me and shook my hand.

      I am totally with you Rhonda, Some celebrities aren’t nice people, and Rosie comes off a RUDE when she is not in front of the camera.
      Our Jenny J is a wonderful person, kind and down to earth!

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you all for the nice compliments. It means a lot, especially after ten years off the air.

      • Rhonda says:

        You’re welcome, Jenny and your show had a great run. 12 years is something to be very proud of and I’m sure you are proud 🙂
        We fans think you are awesome. You give us something here to enjoy day after day and year after year and the good thing about it. You can enjoy life and the things you love to do and share them with your fans 😀

      • Danny says:

        Well Jenny You were nice back then while taping your show and still are. I remember watching your show back in 91! Im 30 years old now. Back then watching you interact with your guest they seemed comfortable talking with you and felt safe telling their story to you. They didn’t seem to be shy and that all of America was watching,you were their friend.Your studio audience seemed entertained by what you had to say and they also cared for the person as well. I remember as a young boy thinking wow this lady is really nice. I felt like you were my friend. Im going to stop now I’m tearing up. lol. As an teen watching the show I felt the same way. I felt like I was growing up with the show. Your topics were one of a kind! your producers may I say were the best in daytime! or whom ever came up with the topics great job! As an adult one show really touched my heart. After the September 11 attack. You were wearing a baseball cap, and in the backdrop you had the American flag. Thats when you really made me cry! you said some emotional things during the show. You said the same things that I felt. In the end of the show you made a real plea for peace. You said that we are all family and should respect one another no matter what we all are gay/ straight. As a gay man that really just touched me. I know it touched so many people. Thats why Jenny, people still care about you then and now and forever. Thats why we come on your web site many years later. You are a real jem Ms. Jones. Your last show was sad as well I remember watching! We will always Be Jonsing for a bit more Jenny!!

        • Rhonda says:

          Aw Danny you made me tear up reading your post, but you are so right about Jenny and how she made everybody feel at ease and comfortable. I always have said on other message boards Jenny didn’t interview her guests she had conversation with them and chit chatted like she had known them a lifetime. Jenny was comfortable so everybody was comfortable and being in the audience you really could feel the comfort level. Jenny made things fun during commercial breaks. I felt like Jenny never had a boring minute…

          Jenny, I remember being in your audience and music being played and they were playing “Before I got High” and you were walking across the isles and you stopped and just looked up on the back wall and the music just stopped and you said something like we’ll have none of that…lol… One more thing I remember during a break. Someone sneezed and you said “We need some kleenex because someone just snotted on themselves…lol… 😆

          There will never be another show like yours. They can try to be like your show was but you have to have the right Host doing a show like you did. You were great! I truly miss your show 🙁

          • Danny says:

            You were lucky to be in her audience Rhonda! I bet you had a blast! Do you remember what the topic was? Still wish the show was still on the air. Now that I’m older I could have attended a live taping. The audience seemed so lively and seemed to be having fun. Watching Jenny’s show on youtube just isn’t the same! We need her back on tv. I remember one audience member wanting to hit a guest with her belt! It was a wild teens one. I remember being in high school watching her show during my last class. teacher didn’t seem to mind because I was her assistant. Eventually people found out what I was up too, they wanted to watch as well. Good times. My favorite shows (obviously all of them)were the season premiere’s new stage and her intro music videos were cool too!

            • Rhonda says:

              It was a Geek to Chic topic with guest coming face to face with their bully. The look at me know topic Jenny had on her show. It was fun being there Live. If her show was still on air today I would’ve probably already went back and seen a couple shows. I still want to go back to Chicago because we didn’t really see a lot of the city. Just there for Jenny’s show mostly and some good pizza and chicken…
              Oh and Jenny the chicken place was called Harold’s. There’s a girl at work who is from Chicago talking about Harold’s being the best chicken place and I remembered it when talking to her about me visiting there and yes Harold’s is the best 😀

    • Danny says:

      I didn’t know that Rosie slammed Jenny. I know that she has a feud with Donald Trump. It’s really stupid going on TV and talking smack about somebody. That’s rude. I’m no shrink or anything but what I see in Rosies’s behavior is an act of jealousy and she is being a hater. Hating on one person , yeah but having this mean feeling towards more than one person??? ad its on TV, we all can see who the problem person is. Jenny didn’t respond. Donald did respond and yeah he owned! made her feel stupid. Too bad for Rosie, I did like her once. Safe to say not anymore.

      Me not liking Rosie has nothing to do with her hating on my girl Jenny. Which by the way is rude! Nobody talks about our Jenny in any bad way! I did like her other show (rosie) but i did not like her new one. I think that OWN released it way too early. The OWN network I think that it was released way too early. It was too much too soon. The people behind the network thought that that just because Oprah’s name was behind it that it would really pick up. It failed. They should have waited. But that’s my opinion.

      Rosie’s show failed because of her nasty attitude. Which will create an unhealthy working environment. People pick up on things like that, you can really feel tention. Jenny’s show was successful because she had and still has a great attitude. If Jenny’s show was still on the air I bet you her ratings would be great. She would be “winning” yeah I just quoted Charlie Sheen but who cares! lol.

      • Rhonda says:

        Oh this about Rosie talking BS about Jenny’s show was aired on Entertainment Tonight years ago. When Rosie had her first talkshow. It seemed everytime a new talkshow came out they attacked Jenny and her show because I remember Sharon Osborne talking smack about Jenny and her show when she was about to be put on air with a show. The only thing I can say is it seems many were intimidated by Jenny and her success that they had to slam her show to try and make her show look bad but it back fired because they didn’t last no more than 5 years on air. Jenny lasted 12 years and if not so many new comers trying to have a talkshow I believe Jenny would still be on air today. I believe Oprah was intimidated too because Jenny was too close to home for her and on the same turf. They both were taped in Chicago and I sense Oprah didn’t like that…
        I loved Oprah but her purse has become too big for her. I see that it’s all about money with her and that’s called greed in my book. Why couldn’t Oprah just stay put with her talkshow she had? Why take chances on something bigger when you are already a giant? Eventually you will fall…seriously!…I hope she falls hard just so she will be taught a lesson that money isn’t everything. When I first started watching Jenny’s show I felt like Jenny was on the same level as Oprah but Jenny is NOTHING like Oprah. In fact Jenny pulled me away from watching Oprah’s show because of the way she was as a host and just a person with a great personality. Jenny was the greatest and still is. I mean look what she does for us fans and she does it because she couldn’t interact with us being known as a famous celebrity star. I know she has to feel free and to do as she pleases. I miss her show but for Jenny to be free and do the things she loves doing I can see why she doesn’t want to be back on tv and I don’t blame her for making that choice to be honest…

  35. Josh says:

    Lately, I have been having trouble with connecting to the internet on my regular laptop. It’s so annoying because everything I need is on it. What’s strange is the other computers can connect with out any problem at all. That one just wont no mater what I do, but it has done it before and it usually goes back to normal and will connect again after a few days. I think it might be a bug in the Samsung software.
    What’s even worse is get this, when I click the windows network troubleshooter, there is a place to searching for other options, and one of the options is get help online!! I’m like if I could do that I wouldn’t be troubleshooting my connection!
    I’m just glad I’m able to use my old laptop, but I do hope my other one gets sorted out because I hate having to go back and forth.
    You have to question though who put together that troubleshooter anyway?

    • Rhonda says:

      That happened to me last week and when that happens I’m thinking it’s my router and I’m gonna have to buy a new one but I’m determined to work around it and avoid that because routers can be expensive. There’s one thing I do and I forget when my connection fails but this time I put it away so I would remember what I did to fix it. Try it next time if you haven’t already gotten it fixed. This is what I do and it fixes itself. LOL, yeah people who do our resets at work throw us for a loop every now and then because things don’t fit like they should on the shelf so we have to modify things and that can be a headache…

      Go to “Start”, click “Run”, Copy and Paste” %windir%\network diagnostic\xpnetdiag.exe ” into box and then click okay and follow the next screen’s directions that come up. It’s easy to follow. I hope it works for you…

  36. Rhonda says:

    I hope everyone is having a nice weekend. It’s in the 70’s here during the day but come Monday it’s gonna turn cold again. I’m trying my best to save on electricity and I have to say in 2 years I have gotten it descent. I’m on budget billing because my Dad had it and it was just never changed. I like it that way because you know how much your bill is every month. When my Dad was here the bill stayed at $220+ a month. I’ve gotten it down to $175 a month and I’ve noticed that I have saved and lowered usage from a year ago, so I’m hoping it will knock it down another $50. I’ve also noticed when paying bills this month I’m also saving $14 on my water bill 🙂

    The only new years resolution I managed to keep for 2012 was to save money which I did. I saved a few thousand (4,700) 😀
    Hopefully in the fall of this year I can start replacing the windows for the house. Once that’s done I think I would save more on my electricity bill. I’m one who doesn’t like to spend money. Call me a penny pincher…lol…I will pinch my penny every chance I get 🙂

    I haven’t posted a song video in a while. This one has been playing a lot this past week and it’s kinda grew on me…
    Fun.: Some Nights [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

    • Josh says:

      Hi Rhonda, I’m good. Last week it was in the 60’s here, now it’s in the low 30’s and 20’s lol.
      My bill is about $200 a month, but the house is big and old. The windows probably don’t help either. I turn the heat down low at night, because I actually like it colder when I’m sleeping. I’m a big penny pincher!

      My classes started Monday, and so far they seem alright and not anything that’s going to cause me to go nutty! I’m taking cultural anthropology, a class on literature, psychology of human sexuality (LOL) and a fitness class. OK the fitness class is one they make everyone take, and all you do it write short papers on ways in which you can be healthy and the changes you make in diet and exercise, and I guess also your progress. It seems like it’s going to be more discussion than actual action though.

      I’ve been thinking of maybe applying to medical school after I get my bachelors. That idea may change but with the way that it’s more spread out than the anatomy class I took, I don’t think it would be as stressful as that one class, and I remind myself that by the time I finish, I would be that age anyway! Right now it’s just a thought but I might look into it. I did find anatomy to be very interesting!

      I’ve heard some stuff by the fun band and I like them. I also like the song “home” by Philip Philips, he won American idle.

      • Rhonda says:

        Our house is old too. That’s why I want to replace the windows and patio doors. I’ve used less heat this year. It’s just me and my Mom and she likes it warm. I like sleeping when it’s a bit cool too. If it’s too warm I can’t sleep and I’m tossing and turning all night and I can’t have none of that…lol…

        My niece will be graduating this year in May and she is going right into college. She’s going to be on campus and she’s excited. She wants to be a doctor and if I’m not mistake she has already taken an anatomy class this year. It’s good you are doing as good as you are with school and Med school? Wow! That’s wonderful!! Like you said though it may change but at least you are considering it and I think it’s a great choice 😉 😀

        I like the song Home by Philip Philips also. He’s from Georgia ya know. It’s funny I liked his song for a few weeks and I still like it but then Some Nights by the Fun band started playing more and more and it grew on me. I get caught up on one song to be a favorite for a while and to my surprise another one jumps in and takes it’s place and sometimes it’s someone I’ve never even heard before like with the Fun band and they are up for 6 grammys and album of the year which I didn’t know until I Youtube them. If I’m not mistaken the Grammys come on Feb10th at 8pm if anyone is wondering…

        And Yay! American Idol has started. Try outs are okay to watch but I like when they have like the Top 24 and then the action begins…lol…j/k… 🙂

  37. Josh says:

    I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving/Holiday!
    This year I won’t be doing any black Friday shopping. Last year was enough for me. My nerves can’t handle the rude crowds lol. It makes you feel bad for the people who actually have to work in it!

    Today I went to Bestbuy, it wasn’t even full, but this older woman kept getting right up on me, so f