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  1. Jane says:

    HI Jenny, this is my first chat and also signed up your blog as well. Brought my first stand-up mixer was a bit intimated making your homemade cinnamon buns. It was good but didn’t turn out the way you had it on your YouTube. Not sure if I knead it too long or my KitchenAid oven at 325 degree was too hot. I did use a large pan for the rising part (1 1/2 hrs over a large bowl of very hot water covered with a large towel for rising). Mine turned out more like Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. My husband love it and differently will try again.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Danny says:

    Just wanted to wish everybody Happy Holidays!

  3. toyia garland says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of the Jenny Jones show for years, I was wondering if anyone knew where I would be able to find full episodes of the show because i can’t find the one in particular that I’m looking for on youtube…well i could find it on youtube but the person that posted it, it was so distorted and the quality wasnt’ good at all so it was difficult to see what i was trying to see…there was a particular episode back in 2000 and the episode was “Out of control Gay teens” and there was one particular girl on there that looked like my best friend I hadn’t seen in years..many years and her name on the show was “SUNSHINE” or “SUNSHYNE”…I really couldn’t tell if it was her or not and i can’t remember if her real name was mentioned but if anyone knows, even you Jenny what her real name was, been looking for her for years

  4. Rhonda says:

    Hey everyone. Haven’t posted here much. Been a busy year. Things really got busy in September when we had our inventory at work. Which our inventory turned out great. Did better than expected πŸ™‚ …After that was our soup social which turned into a block party…lol.. πŸ˜† …a cousin of mine found our 4th cousin on Facebook and he does karaoke part time and he was rocking the neighborhood. This social event keeps getting entertaining year after year. Plus I was one of the 4 hosting the event. I also attended my 30th year class reunion the same month and it was nice seeing old classmates. Now we are here in November and December when holidays hit us hard, but I’m use to a crowd so it doesn’t bother me as much. I would rather be busy instead of having a day that’s slow and drags by…

    Now about this polar blast coming down upon us. Usually I can handle the cold, but it came in way too early for me. I hope we have a early Spring πŸ˜€ …It seems the whole USA is in for a bad winter, so everyone stay warm and be safe. Take care πŸ™‚

  5. Rhonda says:

    Just wanted to stop by and let you know my thoughts and prayers are with the people in California. Hope you are okay, Jenny. I’ve been thinking about you since this earthquake happened early yesterday morning. Take care and be safe…

  6. Rhonda says:

    I’m a day late but wanted to wish you all a Happy 4th of July. I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend. Oh and glad to see you stop by Wendy and Tom. Hope to see you post more often. This chat room/ message board isn’t like most rooms/boards, it’s nice here. Jenny makes sure of that πŸ™‚

    Danny, this place is one of the best on the internet. Can’t thank Jenny enough for reopening chat room. I thought it was gone forever. It really made me happy to know she gave it back to us πŸ˜€

    Okay Josh, I thought you would have posted by now. I hope things are okay with you and you are just busy…

  7. Wendy says:

    So glad i stumbled upon this site! I was looking up Sweet potato fries, and Jenny Jones playing with a Mr. S potatohead came up! My kind of cooking show! Jenny, i raised my 3 fine children while watching your show. Learned so many things back then that only YOU were willing to talk about. Miss the honesty,humour, and good looking hosts that your show delivered! Please come up with a show for us gals that are lost in the empty nest yet loving it but don’t know what to do with myself kinda show!

  8. Rosie says:

    Can anyone tell me how to get into the chatroom plz or when it is open πŸ™‚

    • Jenny Jones says:

      Rosie, you are in the chat room. It is always open and visitors simply come and go. You can add to someone’s post or make your own by scrolling to the bottom for a new window.

      • Rosie says:

        Aww thank Jenny! I’m from Scotland but lived in USA from ’87 to ’97 and used to watch you ALL the time on telly πŸ™‚ x

        • Rhonda says:

          Welcome to chat room, Rosie. Did you watch any other talk shows, if so which ones? Love talking to JJ fans and so glad chat room has reopened for us. Thanks Jenny πŸ™‚

      • Tom. says:

        Good to see you again, Jenny. Watched your show every day with my grandmother and sister as a child on WWHO (UPN/WB) in Columbus, OH and MVC (UPN) in Dayton, OH.

        Funny story: When I was learning how to read, we used some show titles to teach about rhyming too. (Pre-Teen, You’d Better Mind… or Moses’ Boot Camp is Not Far Behind!)

  9. Rhonda says:

    I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day weekend, especially all you dads. As some of you know my Dad passed 5 years ago this October and it’s still hard for me to except it during the holidays especially when Father’s Day and his Birthday comes around. I don’t think we ever get over losing a loved one. I’m off work next 2 days and it helps going to see him at the cemetery when I miss him most. It helps me connect to him and fill the void of him not being here, but I’m fine for the most part…

  10. Danny says:

    Hello everyone! Glad the chatroom is open again.

  11. Jenny Jones says:

    My Chat Room is back! Some people became friends here in this chat room and it’s now back open for anyone who wants to say hi. If you watched my talk show all through the 1990s you may have something in common with visitors here. My thanks to everyone who remembers me and takes time to visit. – Jenny

    • Rhonda says:

      Coming here and seeing chat room open again made me happy to see. This has brighten my day. You are the best, Jenny. You are not like most celebrities. I don’t even see you as a celebrity. You’re one of a kind. You are a true friend to a lot of us and I’m glad to be one of your biggest fans and friend. You really do rock 😎
      I’m so HAPPY to see this room open again you just don’t know πŸ˜€
      And yes I have a video to share πŸ™‚
      Thank you, Jenny. Hugs to you…
      Pharrell Williams: Happy-(Official Music Video)…

      • Danny says:

        Jenny does rock! Nice to see the chat room is running again. I missed everyone on here!

        • Rhonda says:

          Jenny’s the best and I always have said that even before her show ended and for her to do all this for her fans now when she couldn’t having her show just makes her rock more now than before. Her autobiography really tells what type of person she is and where she came from is good to know. It seems Jenny was only seeking happiness and I’m glad she has finally got it. Knowing her life’s ups and downs helps you understand why she did her Jenny’s Heroes after reading the book and watching her show for 11 years and being a audience member to her show just tells me she’s a awesome and amazing person…btw, have you read Jenny’s autobiography?…

  12. Rhonda says:

    Happy New Years to all of you. I wish you all well and good fortune in 2014. Sharing a couple New Years video and a song I’m stuck on listening too. Katy Perry is awesome. Thank you Jenny for giving us fans a place to vent and talk to each other. You are the coolest and you’re awesome as well. I know you have a lot going on with other websites so you stay busy and I’m glad for that. As long as you’re happy is all that matters. I’m not too sad about the chat room closing now but it will be missed. I enjoy what you share here along with your other websites. You work hard for us for the other things you do. Like your videos which I love. You make them fun to watch because I don’t know what to expect like with the plastic wrap. That was hilarious…lol…
    2014 Fireworks
    2014 Greetings
    Katy Perry – Roar (Official)

  13. Danny says:

    Happy New years to all!!!

    • Rhonda says:

      Happy New Years to you Danny. I hope you had a great day. It seem a bit ealry when I saw you post on FB but I know time is different where you were and it’s finally made it to the states. West Coast still has an hour and 12 minutes. That means Jenny’s about to celebrate the New Year πŸ™‚

  14. Danny says:

    How sad! I will miss chatting with all of you! Rhonda and Josh! Jenny. Josh are you on facebook bro? I would like to friend request you! I’m friends with Rhonda and Jenny already!

  15. Rhonda says:

    Oh no! I’m sad πŸ™
    This is not good news. It’s almost as worse as your show going off air…
    Things don’t last forever and it was fun while it lasted though…
    I will be glad to add anyone to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and yes I still have a Myspace. Hope the links work…
    (Jenny, Josh, Danny, Kathy, Marty, Becky, Sue, Lesli, Tiffie)…

    • Josh says:

      I agree it is sad to see the chat go, but I can understand the reasoning. It does seem like less and less are posting here, and we can always keep in touch through comments.

      I will try to send you a request Rhonda, and if that doesn’t work I will post my page(s).

      Hope you are doing well. I bet Jury duty is a big hassle, but for some reason, I always thought it would be fun lol thankfully though I have never had to go.

      I went on a job interview last week for some restaurant, bar, show combo that is set to open soon. It does seem cool, but when I got there, I was like **** because it was a group interview which I never like. I can see why people may chose to do them, because you do get to see how people interact with people that they do not know, but at the same time is seems a bit lazy. I did get a private one at the end where I was asked a few questions.

      I hope that I did alright. I guess another good thing is that you do get to see your competition.

      So wish me luck lol!

      • Rhonda says:

        I use to hate talking in groups. I was the shy and quite one when I was younger but I can’t say that now…lol…, I do have my silent moments though. Large groups still make me a little nervous so I can understand you being nervous doing this interview. Jobs are hard to find now a days and since it’s a new place opening soon maybe the luck will fall in your lap. Good luck with the job interview, Josh. My fingers are crossed πŸ™‚

        I like being called for Jury Duty. It’s interesting and fun just like you thought. Some people might not have the patient for it but if you can stand the waiting then Jury Duty isn’t so bad. It seems like a job. They give you 10 min breaks every 2 hours and 1 1/2 lunch plus they pay you. Here we get paid $25 a day for Jury Duty it might be different else where. They talk to us before they start calling names and the OJ Simpson trail was brought up when they were talking about our pay. During the OJ trial Jurors only got paid $15 a day and that was a long trial. Can you imagine? Your work will pay you too not always but I’m sure most jobs do pay because if you are called for Jury Duty there really isn’t no getting out of it, unless you are over 70 years of age or you have health problems…
        I’ve been called twice for Jury Duty. I didn’t get picked this go around so I was only there for 3 days. They start releasing people by Wednesday unless a Judge wants to try and squeeze in a case before the weekend, but on the other hand my first time called for Jury Duty was about 6 years ago and I was picked and I ended up being there all week…

  16. Rhonda says:

    Hey guys thought I would pop in to say hello. I’ve been MIA here for a few weeks but October was a busy month for me and it seems November was too. I feel I’ve been going since inventory non stop. I even had jury duty 2 weeks ago to top it off. Since Thanksgiving and Black Friday is over with I feel bit of a breather. My side of the store seems a bit slow in December up until the week of. I truly don’t like having inventory this close to the holidays. It’s as bad as going through a remodel dealing with all the freight coming in. For the last few weeks we were getting high trucks 10-14 pallets Friday and Saturday nights and those are not fun to get. Now we are back down to receiving 6-8 pallets which is average for us. We got the tree up today but need more lights. I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. Take care and have a great week πŸ™‚

  17. Danny says:

    I was kinda bummed out when Dunkin Doughnuts left Taiwan! Earlier this year, I know most of you are saying a donut is just a donut! But no. DD reminded me of home. Guess what I read in the paper?! krispie Kreame is coming to Taiwan! WOO HOO! I was craving them for the past few months! I can’t wait till December! I hope Rhonda and you Josh and Jenny are doing Fabulous!

  18. Danny says:

    The weather here in Taiwan is Fabulous! I’m on vacation from school as well. We are going to Hong Kong in 2 weeks, so I cant wait! Josh my brother from another mother I hope things are working out for the best for you, Jenny and Rhonda My sistas from other mistas I hope all is well with ya’ll! LOts of loove and best wishes from Taiwan to your front porches! XOXO!

    • Rhonda says:

      Glad you are getting a break from things and enjoying the weather Danny. It’s almost Halloween and I know you like horror movies. I have kinda gotten away from them, but liked watching them when I was younger. Some horror movies they make now a days don’t faze me. I like the ones back in the day best that kept you on the edge of your seat. I still like watching Halloween with Michael Myers. That one keeps me on edge still. I have to say though if my nieces are staying the night at the house and they have movie night and find a horror movie on On Demand that I haven’t seen before it will make me jump and cover my face with a pillow. Halloween night if I’m not working I will watch scary movies and hand out candy to the neighborhood kids, but I work this year on Halloween, so not sure what I will be doing…

      Josh, I hope everything is okay with you. You seemed a bit wired up about things but it’s understandable being in a new state and not knowing many people can be tough I’m sure. Not knowing what’s going on back home with family and friends can be even tougher. Are you still talking to your parents when you are able to? Stay connected to your parents. It will help you through hard times when they come about. Plus you have a place here of course to chat with us…
      Glad you are finding things to do like go to these shows that you seem to be enjoying. Keep yourself busy is my best advice for you right now. I never ask how long do you plan being there in Vegas. Just until your schooling is finished? or do you plan on making that your home and where to find the career job you’re going after? Oh and Josh do you like horror movies? Since it almost Halloween just thought I would ask πŸ™‚

      Take care guys…

      • Josh says:

        Thank you Rhonda, you too Danny, it means a lot that you would both take the time to not only read what I write but to also put so much thought into your reply!

        I hate coming off as one of those obsessive and controlling type people because I’m not that way at all and I am never jealous really. I did take your advice Danny, and my bf and I did talk and things seem to be going better now.

        My bf did tell me that when he first met this β€œfriend” he thought that there might be something more there, but after he spent time around him, he realized they were just meant to be friends. Ah, it is still a sore spot for me, but my bf says nothing happened and I do believe him. I guess my question is: Do I have the right to tell him not to be friends with this person? Like I said, I’m not controlling, but it would make me feel a lot better, I just need a little advice on that : )

        I like Vegas, and I haven’t even thought of ever going somewhere else. Although, even those this is years away, I would like to do my residency in Orlando with Dr. G. She is one of the factors that motivated me to go down this path, although that is probably more of a dream than a goal.

        Yes, I love horror movies! Every Halloween we watch the first and second Halloween, they are favorites of mine. Another favorite horror film of mine is Phantasm, they scared me as a kid, although what I was doing watching them at 7-8 I will never know lol.

        Even though you have to work on Halloween, I still hope you will get to have a little fun. I know back in Indiana, all the employees at walmart would dress up. I might be wrong, but I think they even passed out candy there a few times.

        Take care guys!

        • Danny says:

          That’s great that you guys talked Josh and glad that things are okay for now. I really really LOVE Horror. I grew up watching movies like Nighmare on Elm St, Halloween. I loved Phantasm and still do. I remember watching The Exorcist! at such a young age, Rosemary’s Baby I just love. I love supernatural horror stuff well I guess I do love slasher films as well. With Halloween coming up I’m really exited! They will be showing the movie Sinister on TV, so I can’t wait. I remember growing up and being exited about Halloween. This is like my Christmas. Keep your head up my brother!

          Jenny sorry about the Tilt O Whirl story. Rhonda working or not on Halloween I’m sure you will have fun. When I was in High School I used to work at a Department store they made me work! I was devastated! but I gaved out candy lots of them and that made the customers happy which in return made me happy. Watched horror movies when I got home, then morning came! I had to go to school. Happy Halloween everybody! Remember to always check your candy before eating them all! BYe my loves

  19. Rhonda says:

    It seems you both are so busy and that’s good but I understand you also have to have breathing time taking in it all. At least you have the weekends if you don’t have a lot of homework. Josh, it’s not easy for some of us to meet people especially you being in a different state. Neighbors would be a start for you to meet people where you are or like Danny suggested join a club or something you are interested in and go from there. Try not to worry to much about your relationship. 7 years is a long time. Keep faith with those 7 years and try to be comfortable with things. It will all work out for you. I’m not gay. I don’t have a problem with gay people. I think they should be treated equally and have rights like we all do. Oh and Josh one Long Island and I’m through. I don’t drink a lot either only social gatherings and for dinner sometimes. Like tonight we ate at a oyster bar and I had about 8oz of b