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$50,000 in Grants

Congratulations to the volunteer firefighters at the Suisun Fire Protection District in Fairfield, California, one of five California Fire Departments to receive Jenny’s Heroes California grants today. The 40 volunteers at Suisun are receiving $25,000 to purchase new turnout gear. The other four departments will be getting new radios, self-contained breathing apparatuses, a portable water tank, and a radio repeater system with solar panels. It’s all about keeping them safe.

This is the first of my grants for the heroes who volunteer to serve their communities in my home state of California. To see more on these grants or to send them your love, click here.

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  1. Sue McCarthy says:

    Congratulations!!! You put your lives on the line for people every day! It’s so nice to see you getting something back!!❤❤

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