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All My Children

My talk show premiered in the fall of 1991 and one of my first big features was a behind-the-scenes tour on the set of All My Children including a sit down interview with its biggest star, Susan Lucci. Here we are chatting in Erica Kane’s wardrobe room. Now remember, this was almost twenty years ago but when you watch the video, look at Susan then compared to how she looks now. She looks awesome today, maybe even more awesomer (a made up word) today – how does that happen? I can’t say the same for the woman in the royal blue shoulder pads and bouncy hair… Hey, I just noticed my flying saucer earrings! Don’t look at me.  Click here

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  1. Skater Boy says:

    Wow, oddly Lucci does look better in many ways. That is scarey. Although I think she had a cold when the interview was taken. I think she looks better though with longer hair with soft curls. She tends to wear it a little shorter which makes her look older. Look at her during Dancing with the Stars – it may have been extensions but she looked amazing.

  2. Heather says:

    I was an extra on Loving which was across the hall from AMC….and I got to know a lot of those people well. I think it is sad it will be going off the air. =(

  3. Rhonda says:

    My favorite female soap stars were Susan Lucci and Deidre Hall. I liked Deidre Hall more than Susan Lucci. Erica Kane had tricks up her sleeve and was a bit sneaky, but Marlena Evans was a bit nicer. I liked them both, but if I had to chose it would be Deidre Hall because Days of our Lives was my favorite soap opera. Peter Reckell who played Bo on Days was a hottie and my favorite male soap star…

    And Jenny, are you being a bit urban there using the word “awesomer”?…lol…
    Awesomer does have meaning for us urban folks 😉

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