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Bees in my Bathroom

Like there’s not enough to do with my stepmom here and her husband still in the hospital, now I have bees in my closet.  I found where they were coming in, which was up on the roof.  So the exterminator came and sprayed to eliminate the bees (they were not happy campers when he showed up) and then the bee-bomber will be back next week to remove the hive they’ve been building in the attic walls.  I guess they’ve been there before because they found around 50,000 dead bees up there.  The magic word here is “dead.”  You don’t see many women bee exterminators.  We could do it cheaper since some of us already have big hats with nets.

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  1. Becky says:

    OMG! What’s next??? Bats in the belfry???!?? LOL!

    • Rhonda says:

      God I hope not. Jenny’s had a rough week. Too many issues in the past couple weeks, huh, Jenny?…

      Take care and take it easy. You need a relax day. You deserve it after what you’ve had to deal with the squirrel, bees and you wrecked your car 🙁

  2. Rhonda says:

    Poor Jenny. I feel bad for you. First the squirrel and now bees. How did you happen to spot those bees to know they were there? You said they were in your closet…
    OMG, Jenny. I enjoyed the chocolate milk. I made some of it lastnight. Funny thing though. I made it and came back to my computer to make sure I added everything I was suppose to and low and be hold I forgot the vanilla extract. It taste pretty good without it but its good with it also. Nesqik fat free really doesnt have much of a chocolate taste compared to what you make. It has just the right almount of chocolate I like and you cant tell it’s low fat either. Thank you for sharing how you make your chocolate milk….

    Take care,

  3. MrsNews says:

    Bees!!! Eeeewwww. I watch Billy the Exterminator (because nothing else is on) and I have seen how big those hives can be…I will be anxious to see the pictures. I hope no on got hurt!! Looks like you live in a really wooded area. Somehow when I think of California I only think of cars, concrete and water!!

    Take care

  4. sue, mike, teka and kya says:

    we had the same problem with bees, we have an 18 foot high ceiling in our great room with sky lights and they are coming in through the sky lights!! They are gone now, no exterminator, I just got up on a ladder and sprayed pepper spray!! No crap!! Love ya! Good luck!!

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