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Last night I went to the mall to get my mind off things. I just meandered around and wound up at Macy’s looking for Christmas gift ideas (yes, I said Christmas – it’s 9 weeks away!!) I was looking at women’s clothes and noticed that the music changes with every department. In the grown-up women’s department, the music is adult, just like the clothes. In the junior department, it’s pop music and it’s louder. But then so are the clothes. The best music was in the trendy designer department and I loved it. I even felt like dancing. If this was a night club, I might have busted a move or two. Then I saw it: the table, the equipment, the headphones… when did they start having DJs at Macy’s? I should have worn nicer clothes. Suddenly, I felt out of place so I went down to Bloomingdale’s and guess what? “Boom-laka-laka…” there too! This is not a nightclub. What’s next? Mojitos in men’s underwear?

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  1. MrsNews says:

    Wal+Mart just has screaming crying children…don’t know if they play music or not!
    Right Rhonda!!


    • Rhonda says:

      No music anymore at Walmart. Just loud talking people and screaming kids. Oh dear lord. I agree Kathy. I’ll take someone talking too loud on a cell phone over a screaming child anyday, but both are annoying. I feel bad for the child when a mother takes a tired child in a Walmart or any store. The child should be at home napping from being tired…

      Take care everyone,

  2. crazy canuck says:

    Damn, I wish shopping was as much fun here. I could use a little razamataz at the mall, instead of elbows, parking lot rage, and other unsavory stuff. I know!! Maybe I should be at Boomingcdale’s instead of Walmart. That’s it!

  3. Rhonda says:

    Jenny, I’m glad you found something you could relax to and just get out and enjoy the day 🙂
    I think you know how to help yourself when need to be when under stress and worries. Which those 2 things get you no where, so the best thing to do is to deal with whatever issues with less the stress and worries…
    Wishing you more days like this one because you really seemed to like it 😉
    Take care everyonr and have a great weekend 🙂


  4. sue says:

    Alright. Now I’m confused. I thought you were allergic to Macy’s?? Now you’re hanging out and dancing and gettin’ you’re groove on?? My sista?? Cleavage?? I’m sittin on it!! Just in it for the laughs and trying to make “YOU” smile!!!!!!!

    Love, Suezzzzzy, Teka, Kya, and Mike. ( notice mike was listed after our dogs.. oh! that’s just wrong!!”) Just between you and me. OK?)

    • Mike says:

      16 years together and the dogs get higher rank?? I tell ya, “I get no respect”. lol! We’re thinking about you Jenny, Sue just lost three family members in six weeks to cancer. We hope you have a better outcome.

      Mike, teka, kya and…………..Sue. lol (just between you and me, o.k.?)
      I’m gonna ask her to make me lemon bars today, playing the hurt card. ha! ha!

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