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Goodbye, Victor.

We are back home after Victor’s memorial service and burial in Las Vegas.  The service was held in the Greek Orthodox church with their ancient traditions including song, prayer, candles, and incense.  The incense is carried by the priest in a beautiful metal censer, which also contains charcoal, and is suspended by chains and twelve bells symbolizing the twelve apostles. The censer is swung by the priest during prayer.  

There will now be 40 days of mourning during which time his widow will wear black and then at 40 days, there is another memorial, and again in 6 months and one year. Victor had a lot of old friends who came and I heard many of them say, “I’ve know Victor for 48 years…. 29 years….,” etc. And Victor’s entire family was there, flying in from all over.  His sister from Pennsylvania, a daughter and granddaughter from Ohio, a daughter, her husband, and three grandchildren from Switzerland, and my stepmom, Roula’s family came too: her two brothers and sister-in-law came from Canada.  It was a beautiful sendoff for a man who was loved by many. Later, we all had dinner together at the home of a family friend. 

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  1. Alexandria says:

    Dear Jenny your step mom and Victor have been on my mind a lot lately,
    I grew up in Las Vegas went to their restraunt frequently with my family and
    Friends. They both became very close to our family Victor made the only salad
    Dressing besides thousand island my dad would eat. Give Roula love from the Welch family…

  2. MrsNews says:

    Very handsome guy…nice tribute to him. Sorry for your loss.


  3. Chris says:

    Jenny, What a nice piece you wrote about the funeral. I didn’t realize that your stepmom was Greek Orthodox. My best to you and the family.

  4. Rhonda says:

    Sounds like a well deserved service for such a wonderful man who was truely loved by many. Victor will be truely missed, I’m sure. It seems he had a close family and close friends through out his life…
    and Jenny, it seems you’re doing okay for the most part. Roula will be okay. She has family, friends and you to help her move on. She needs as much strength from others to help her through this…
    Stay strong for her, Jenny…
    Still sending prayers to you all…

    Take care,

  5. Becky says:

    Jenny, what a nice service for a wonderful man who meant so much to many.

    Many hugs,

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