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I reclaimed my apple tree!  It looks like my squirrel (I’m calling him Gary) doesn’t like spicy food.  So my spray concoction worked although I haven’t eaten one of the apples yet.  I may have to sandblast it before serving. Now I like squirrels again.  My stepmom is back in town with her husband and he is having surgery tomorrow at the VA Hospital.  I’ll be spending most of the day there.  I don’t mind that except we have to be there at 6 am!  I remember a time when I used to get home at 6 am.  Gotta go sleep.

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  1. Mae says:

    Jenny, I wondered where you went. I dont really like squirrels but they are kinda cute. They invade my bird feeders constantly..even tho they have their won corn feeder…little pigs…I have one squirrel proof bird feeder otherwise the birds would move on but they eat well…Love your stories and pics about the apples…Wonder where you live that you have such cute ‘guests’… Also, do you have a show or what do you do since you aren’t on TV anymore..Thanks for your site..

  2. MrsNews says:

    Yea! Good news for Jenny bad news for the squirrel. Hope your step mom’s husband does well with his surgery. I know what you mean about the 6 am thing. I haven’t worked for 7+ yrs now and the sound of any alarm clock is annoying now. I have been getting up at 6 for the past two days…yuck. I had my husband hang our drapes back up in our room…today I slept until 10:00!! Yippee..white blinds are nice but too much light. I like a dark bedroom.

    I will look online for squirrel recipes just in case he starts to like spices!!


  3. Will says:

    Happy Birthday!

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