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I Can’t Throw Them Away

Honey Bottles

What is my problem? I can’t throw things away! Those cute plastic bottles that honey comes in? I have twenty-seven! After my next batch of granola bars, it’ll be 28! And a good jar with a lid that screws on tight? I can’t throw them away! I need a bigger kitchen.

It’s not just my kitchen items. This is much bigger than that. I have wrapping paper from 1985; Rubber bands spilling out of a shoe box; Pieces of fabric from dresses I sewed in the 70s; Did you know old socks make good cleaning rags? I digress. I also have: Cookbooks that use ingredients they don’t even make any more; Keys that don’t open anything… but you never know; Plastic forks from my 40th birthday party; Enough pieces of string for any possible things that need to be tied up… until I die.

Am I the only one?

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  1. Nancy Wolhar says:

    So many things you said I can relate to. When I read your bio, I was taken back to my teenage years in the 60’s. My life was a little different and I married young, but I felt a kinship to you as you described your young life and the hardships you experienced.
    I am also 72 born January 23, 1946, a real baby-boomer. I have 3 children, and 3 grandchildren.
    I feel you truly wanted the kind of life you chose. I think some of it was the hard way around but I think where you are is right. I watched your show and liked you a lot. You are someone to be proud of and I believe your relatives feel that. Continue on, my dear with your wonderful videos and recipes and excellent humor. Live long and laugh well. I will be your friendly, loyal audience.



  2. William says:

    No your not! We’re two peas in a pod, saving things not just for ourselves but others that may need something we have. We need to create a list of these things and post it to a sharing site! It prolly started with our grand parents. I’m pretty sure my saving things came from a few of mine.

  3. Annie G says:

    We should all make videos on how to repurpose items. There is just too much waste in this world. Our parents and older generations used everything forever. They didn’t live in disposal cultures as we do. I take care of my belongings and end up donating many items to the Goodwill or other charities, or give them to others who would like them. My mother and her co-workers would swap children’s clothing (aka hand me downs). I would love when she would bring me home a package. The dresses were gorgeous. Now there are upscale resale shops that have finally got the message that, yeah, people will pay big money for those valuable hand-me-downs. LOL.

  4. Rhonna says:

    I think it’s a thing that happens to all of us as we age. I see i5 in my parents house are both in their early 80’s and my grandmother before she passed. I’m trying really hard to be strong, lol.

  5. Terry says:

    You must be a Taurus, May, or maybe an Aries, April, hubby is the Taurus, I wait until he goes to bed the eve of trash day, then I add stuff to the trash, never to be seen again, maybe if you donate stuff you would feel better about getting rid of it, ( know any-bag ladies)?? our daughter is the Aries, she also is a pack rat, still has Barbie dolls, in case she has a daughter, I don’t think so, 2 sons, she is now in her 50’s, those days are Gone!,,

    • Rhonna says:

      nope i’m an aries and toss everything that isn’t nailed down except photos and a few mementos or items of sentimental value such as old jewelry from my grandmothers, that and old plates which i use on my walls so i can enjoy them everyday!

  6. Gina says:

    I use my smalll bottles for spice blends for family & friends at Xmas or as requested. I’m known for my brisket/BBQ rub. People really don’t care what jar it comes in as long as they get their hands on it! ?
    I always try to find 2nd and 3rd uses for everything! Recycle, recycle, recycle!

  7. Liza Dooalittle says:

    Found your blog because I found your videos on YouTube and wondered why there weren’t any recent ones. You apparently have many devoted followers who miss you! You have incredible energy and are a joy to watch. Back in the day, you were one of the few talk shows I could stand to watch. Sorry for the recent loss of your sister <3

    I am a container hoarder too 😛 My husband loves cheese dip from that horrible plastic process cheese, and I save all those boxes, using them to sort things in drawers. He can't throw away peanut butter jars lol. I also save the containers from wipes and use them to hold yarn when I'm crafting. I actually have a huge box in my dining room where I toss all the questionable containers in hopes that I will eventually throw them away 😛

    Wishing you all the best, peace, health, and love. Finding you online was like finding an old friend 😀

  8. Melany Callagher says:

    Use your sweet bear jars for granola gifts! Give them away. Fill them with the making for cookies and give them away….
    Make simple syrup and reuse for moistening your cake.
    Fill them with sand and use them as a door stop….
    Fill with dish soap and get a smile each time you do the dishes.
    You have a lot… more than me! That is truly amazing! 🙂

  9. Valerie C Brotherton says:

    I am just like you.I have magazines called spree which has beautiful recipes and things to do, like sewing, crafts, etc. I just love cook books.and just books, material and other things, I am trying to clean out my closets, by giving away some of my books and other things to change charity.

  10. Kat Leon says:

    Those bear honey jars would make an adorable light string, perhaps using clear Christmas lights. You’d probably have to cut out the bottom to let the heat out. How awesome a bear light string would look in your kitchen!

    Miss your recipe videos. Hope you can come back soon!

    Kat 🙂

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