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I didn’t want to believe it

I’m getting hit from all sides! First the deer (but she’s so cute..) eats everything on my hill, and today my jaw dropped when I saw a squirrel sneaking across the back yard with one of my apples in his mouth! I didn’t want to believe it.  That’s MY apple tree! I planted it! How many has he taken so far?  An apple a day? I grabbed my camera but the stealth rodent disappeared.  They are rodents aren’t they? Sure, they’re cute with their fuzzy little tails but I was so mad I would have bought a squirrel coat today just to get even.  But instead, I bought a plastic hawk and put it in the tree. “Bring it,” squirrel.

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  1. mike says:

    Why is a boxing ring square??? Good one!! probably in their world because all the blows to their heads!!


  2. Becky says:

    Jenny, they ARE rodents….but dang it, they are cute, too! Just like the deer. I guess like I said yesterday you just plant good stuff—we might have to call in calvary though, because I think they are beginning to take advantage of you!

    “Why is a boxing ring square?”


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