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I Hate Squirrels

I know they have to eat but why my tangerines?!? And my apples? It’s not fair! I scared this little rodent and he dropped the tangerine but didn’t run. He stood over it, staring at me, daring me to take it away. “Go ahead,” he’s thinking. “Take it. There’s more where that came from. And oh… thanks for planting those easy-peel ones!”

So far the squirrels have devastated my apple, pomegranate, and peach trees, and the tangerines are next. Why can’t they develop a taste for weeds? Why can’t I learn to use a sling shot? Where are the coyotes when you need them? Oh, wait…  one showed up about 20 minutes later – in our backyard!!! Missed a nice lunch by 20 minutes.

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  1. Donna says:

    Had the same problem. They loved my kumquats, pears and satsumas. So, I decided to put up squirrel feeders and bingo, problem solved. By the way, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for all your videos. Wishing you the best.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Lol…Oh no!…time to get a cat or 2…lol…squirrels are soo annoying and destructive and this proves it. They do worse things to property but come on squirrels leave Jenny’s fruit trees 🌳 alone for God sake. What has she done to you?…lol…
    You are too funny even though this is no laughing matter…lol…
    Time to get that sling shot and do target practice…lol…I hate squirrels too and have for a long time because of this reason, seriously…
    Take care, Jenny…{hugs}…

  3. Lily Boraks says:

    I’m going to try your recipe for cabbage rolls today. I’ve listened attentively to the instructions on your video. It’s the most amazing culinary video I’ve ever listened to. Thankfully, easy to follow & I enjoy your down to earth instructions. Thank you so much! I too come from a Polish background. I tried to follow my dearly departed dad’s instructions; however, have not been successful. I truly believe your instructions will make it work or me. Thanks much. Lily

  4. Stephanie says:

    Oh No!!! I think it’s time to move, Jenny.

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