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I hate squirrels

I said, “Bring it,” and he brought it, and some of his friends, apparently.  This morning there were four apples on the ground, mostly eaten.  I put away my plastic hawk last night because it scared away all our beautiful birds and I wrapped the apple tree with netting.  They ate the apples right through the netting. Last year they ate my plums. So I found a special formula to spray on the apples that includes vinegar, canola oil, soap, tabasco, and mustard. Let’s see how my thieving little rodents like them apples!

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  1. mike says:

    You used to travel around with nuts in your purse to feed these beautiful squirrels. Now you call them rodents and hate them. What happened to sesitive Jenny? I personnally love to watch them crawling on a telephone wire and they don’t fall off. I think to myself “what….were you a trapeses artist in your past life?” Happy b-day Monday June 7th we love you.

    • Jenny says:

      This is what I get for feeding that squirrel in Santa Monica because I think it’s the same squirrel. It looked very familiar – fuzzy coat – long tail. He must have followed me home. Looks like it took over a year to walk all the way to Beverly Hills. :-O

      • mike says:

        thank you jenny! Good explanation!!! I’m so glad to hear that the surgery was a success! I hate cancer!!! Sorry to hear about the fender bender, but I also think it was so cool that you let him slide! Love and hugs Mike

    • Rhonda says:

      It’s funny. I was gonna mention the squirrel Jenny feed when I posted before but forgot. You know. I use to love watching squirrels play in trees and walk the wire too, but they can ruin things. We had problems with them chewing through the overhang vents and nesting in our overhang/attic and since then I find squirrels to be very annoying and a royal pain. We had to cut trees and bushes down and away from the house to keep them from getting on the roof…

      By the way, Jenny… “Happy Birthday”. Have a good one!

  2. MrsNews says:

    Have you thought of putting Wesson Oil on the the tree trunk??? LOL
    I will ask my FaceBook friends for advice and get back with you!!

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks, I would appreciate any help. It’s a dwarf tree so they just jump on it.

      • Rhonda says:

        Jenny, I might be able to help with a little advice. I had written to you about advice to have a nice garden and fruit trees that produce. It seems you have the same problem Ive been having. I got this advice a little too late, but I was told to put aluminum pie pans on the fruit tree. Im thinking the reflection from the sun scares them away or seeing a refletion of themshevles might be what scares them. I have seen pie pans hanging from trees and wondered why they were there and now I know. To keep pesty little rodents from eating from your trees and gardens…
        Try that and see what happens. Let me know how it goes…

    • mike says:

      omg…. leave the poor squirrels alone this is their teritory too. think about it. God created us and gave us homes to live in the squirrels are outside where they belong. Peace people PEACE!!!

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