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I see purple shades in the sky

I bought some new sunglasses yesterday, the polarized kind. I’ve been sun blocking my face but not really protecting my eyes that well, but polarized lenses affect the color of things. I see purple shades in the sky and green trees look greener – it’s kind of nice. My stepmom left but she’s coming back next Sunday so I’m preparing the house for her and her husband. He is having stomach cancer surgery on June 7th at the Veterans Hospital and will be recouping at the house. So I’m setting up a bedroom downstairs in case they can’t manage the steps. And I’ll be making my special “wound-healing soup” for him, as well as giving him our positive thoughts. I thoroughly believe that a positive attitude can promote healing and wellness. Oh, and I just posted a new video of my first interview on Larry King Live. I think it was done in 1990. Check out my fancy earrings!

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