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I went to the mall

Does anybody else get annoyed at the mall? I went there today and here’s my list…

~~ A giant chrome-plated Hummer parked in handicapped? I don’t think so.

~~ They had Christmas stuff at the Hallmark store. Com’on!

~~ Skinny jeans are not for everyone.

~~ The louder the music, the less money I spend.

~~ Who’s getting their teeth whitened at the mall???

~~ My size is always gone.

~~ When you get to the bottom of the escalator, MOVE!

~~ Just stay in your kiosk and leave me alone!

Is it just me? Bad mood? Low blood sugar? Too much squirrel-stress ?

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  1. Liz says:

    My greatest peeve of all is the idea of having to wait in line to part with my money. Waiting to pay is just wrong! But what’re ya gonna do?

  2. Rhonda says:

    I agree with ya, Jenny. I don’t like shopping to begin with but I do have my car serviced at the mall and that’s about the only time I will step foot in one. I might shop at Christmas time if I can’t find the right gift for someone elsewhere, plus it helps get in the holiday spirit seeing how it’s all decorated during the holidays. People are just rude and it is annoying, so no it’s not just you 😀

    I would like to add one to your list. Annoying sales people at the mall stopping you to try selling you their product when you politely tell them you’re not interested. They are as bad as door-to-door salesmen. I just had someone yesterday after I got home trying to sale me books and I told him politely I wasn’t interested and instead of him walking off he reaches in his bag and pulls out another book, so I had to tell him a 2nd time. I must have been a bit harsh the 2nd time because he seem to notice my attitude change. I was a bit annoyed with him, because he wasn’t taking no for an answer…

    • sue says:

      hey Rhonda, I went for a haircut and got sprayed in the face with nasty perfume and I have bronchial asthma my whole life I would sue if I had it in me!!! I had to use my freakin inhaler before I got in the chair and then I felt like crap the whole night. Now that’s just not right !!!!! Screw them! They don’t realize who they are spraying!!!
      ugggghhhh!!!!! Sue

      • Rhonda says:

        Wow, that was rude. Are you okay now? Sorry that happened to you. I have allergies and when at work if someone walks by me wearing perfume or cologne too strong my eyes water and I start sneezing, but I’m sure bronchial asthma makes you miserable when it’s triggered. It was very annoying I’m sure. It was nice of you to blow it off. Just remember to stay clear of those people your next trip to the mall. Those people really shouldn’t get in people’s space. I mean look what happened to you, ya know?…

        • sue says:

          Amen Rhonda! I felt terrible for a few hours that evening. The inhaler makes me shaky. I havn’t had to use it for a long time. Green Tea has been helping my immune system and I drink it faithfully every morning with fresh lemon. It was just too much at one time and it took me by surprise. Thanks!


  3. Monica says:

    If I can’t find it at Walmart or Target, then I don’t need it. The mall makes my fingers swell and I get a headache every time I go in one. HOWEVER if I could go, sit and people watch all day then I would consider going. Not a fan of the malls!!!

  4. sue says:

    Nope! It’s not just you!! I agree my sista! Oh… I agree!!!!! “Can we talk”
    and the comment about the escalator.. I walk fast so that just.. hmmmmm! 😉

    Thanks for the laugh!! I was at the mall after work today but just for a haircut. Didn’t have the patience for all of the above! 🙂


  5. Heather says:

    I think instead of going to the mall maybe you should have went to the spa…..I am pretty sure they do not allow squirrels in the door there. LOL

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