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Is there a natural sunscreen?


I will piggyback on the last sunscreen question. I am allergic to whatever the main ingredient is all sunscreens seem to share. If I wear sunscreen for just one or two days, I’m ok. Any longer than that on a day-to-day basis and my skin becomes rough, almost like I have hives and it itches. I have the same problem with self-tanners. I’ve tried buying expensive sunscreens for sensitive skin from multiple brands, but always the same problem. Is there a natural way to make sunscreen or something I can do to keep from getting a reaction? I know it’s bad, but I’ve just taken to not wearing sunscreen now.


Dear Hana,

I’ve had a similar problem that sent me to the dermatologist last summer who told me I had a severe photoallergy. He recommended sunscreens with only zinc oxide or titanium oxide. I’ve used Neutrogena Sensitive Skin which uses only titanium oxide and Blue Lizard Sensitive which has both titanium and zinc oxides and did not have a problem. If you can find one that’s oil-free and maybe has just one of these two natural ingredients that might work. Beyond that, I don’t know of any other product you could use. I hope you’ll try every option before going without sunscreen. Good luck.


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