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It was a standoff

It looks like my rabbit is here to stay.

I caught him stealing a leaf off my avocado tree and he didn’t know what do do. The leaf was as big as his head! It was a standoff. He tried to stare me down but what was he thinking? “Back off, lady, or I’ll eat this leaf right now!” I just took his picture and let him have his snack. How can I be mad at something so cute? Funny, that’s what Denis says when I’m mad at him… and he is cute, but not as cute as my little bunny. But Denis’s ears are getting a little longer…

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  1. Sister Dearest says:

    I love Denis and he’s just as cute as this bunny. He can have his ears as long as he wants, as long as it’s not his nose that keeps growing:):)
    Here in Canada we’ve had a huge bunny season this year. They’re everywhere and they even eat tomatoes! Guess not so much in California. Too bad for Jenny’s crop. She could use the help.

  2. Rhonda says:

    The rabbit we have in the neighborhood roams around and he’s been around for years. He’s just so cute. Just like that one you have in your yard Jenny. The one here will let you come up on him if you walk slowly, but if he’s spooked he takes off running. My cats don’t bother him. I guess they know not to. I have good cats. They still keep the squirrels away which I like. I would chose a rabbit in my yard over a squirrel any day. Squirrels are just too annoying. Cute yes, but highly destructive. If they wouldn’t be so bad with messing up things they would be okay with me, but we have had too many problems with the squirrels. It gets old after a while…

  3. sue says:

    Wow Jenny that picture is too cute!!!! Do you walk around with your camera on you at all times? I just wonder how you always seem to capture these animals just at the right time!:) What an adorable bunny!


    • Jenny says:

      I keep a camera right by the back door at all times. When I see something, I can take a picture in seconds. I started doing that after I walked out and saw a big skunk in our flowerbed and the camera wasn’t around. By the time I found it and loaded it, the critter was gone. I love this rabbit photo – it’s like he was posing for me! 🙂

  4. marty says:

    The rabbit didn’t know what do do ?

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