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Living in fear

I shouldn’t have to live in fear, but I do. I shouldn’t have to sneak up on my slippers, but I do. It’s spider season and none of us is safe. I’d rather find a snake in the house than a spider. What about a bat? A bat wouldn’t scare me as much as a spider. Why, you ask?  Because spiders are sneaky little arachnids. They hide in the worst possible places, hunting for food, always at night. Pesticides don’t kill them because they don’t breathe. They play dead – I hate that. I’ve passed by a curled up dead one thinking I’d sweep it up later, and later…. it’s gone!!! But where? And here’s a piece of information I wish I didn’t know: You are never more than twelve feet away from a spider. I did not need to know that.

So I live in fear, sneaking up on my slippers, looking behind cushions, under the toaster… But where is the worst place to find a spider? I say on your white sheets while you’re in them.


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  1. Sue says:

    I feel for you JJ!! I think ANYWHERE is a bad place to find a spider! 😉
    Although I do agree with Rhonda their webbs are pretty amazing! Except when they spin them in front of your door and you can’t get out!! 🙂


    • Josh says:

      or when you don’t see it and you walk right through it can you’re like “get it off!” haha. I saw a huge black widow the other day on my porch, but by the time I went out there with my homemade bug killer it was no where to be seen!

  2. Chris says:

    Under the toilet seat!

  3. Rhonda says:

    I don’t really fear many spiders, but there is one that scares me I forgot about. The black widow. Now that one is creepy. It will jump at you if you get to close to it, but it amazes me how spiders can be so creative with a web. I guess you can say watching Charlotte’s Web as a child may have made me so interested in spider watching…lol…but seriously, I know most people find spiders creepy crawlers and Jenny the worse place to find a spider is in a shoe. So check your shoes everyone if they haven’t been worn in a while 🙂

  4. larry says:

    i live in fear all the time , i take meds for it. they work sometimes. you are lucky you have only this fear to deal with. count your blessings jenny

  5. Tiffie says:

    You have officially made me paranoid. I never knew that about spiders being within twelve feet…YIKES~! I’ll pretend I did not read that… 🙂


  6. Joe says:

    Ha, loved this post. Though I do dislike snakes as well as scorpions. I think a bad spot for spiders is the ceiling of the shower, they sit there waiting for you.

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