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Making Progress in London

We are well underway with the new playground at Springbank Park. A few months ago, I committed some funding for a brand new accessible playground in my hometown of London, Ontario. The idea was suggested by London local, Shelah Brook, and now she and I are both part of the team working on the development of the new play area.

We just had our second meeting, with me on Skype, and things are moving quickly. In just a few weeks we will have some designs to look at and I can hardly wait for that. The plan is for a grand opening in the spring. I had committed $130,000 in Canadian funds but the exchange rate is so favorable, I added a little more and now our budget is $150,000 CAD.

I’ve never skyped before and I would rather be there in person but I’m glad to be able to participate so there I am on the laptop.

Photo3_1200There are quite a few people on the team and they are the nicest bunch. (but that’s what everyone says about Canadians!) From left to right we have: Shelah Brook (this was her idea), Julie Michaud, Dianna Clarke, (me), Judy Spencer, Michael Dawthorne, and Terri-Sue Wyatt. Andrew Macpherson, the manager of environmental and parks planning, was there too but somebody had to take the picture!

So that’s my progress report. More updates to come…

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  1. Lea Marie romero says:

    Hi Jenny ,
    My name is Lea. And I am so happy to have found you. I have been thinking about for quit a while now. And would like to say. I am happy to see you doing well. God bless you. And take care.
    Lea m romero

  2. Liz says:

    This is very exciting for London and all the people (not just kids) who are going to get a lot of pleasure out of this venture. I’m looking forward to watching the progress.

  3. Rhonda says:

    Glad things are going well and on schedule. I’ve known for a long time you are a person with a good heart. You touch the lives of many and I love that most about you I think. You are an amazing person ?

  4. Grandpa's wife says:

    Super ! being a London girl myself I have always enjoyed Springbank Park as a whole, especially Storybook Gardens when we were kids. Everytime I go home for a visit my sister and I have to have a walk at the Park. Many blessings for the ease of the playground development. Do you ever go home for a visit ?

  5. sue says:

    Wishing you and them all the success in the world with this wonderful project!!!

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