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“Messed Up Mommy” writes…

“Messed Up Mommy” writes…
Dear Jenny,

I’m pregnant with twins and I’m also dating two guys. I don’t know which one is the father but both of them want full time custody of the twins. I don’t want the babies so would it be okay to give one to each guy? They would both be loving fathers.

Messed Up Mommy

My Response…
Dear Messed Up Mommy,

First of all, do not split the twins up. It’s unthinkable to even consider splitting them up. They need to grow up together so here is what I suggest. First, tell the guys that as soon as the babies are born you will get a paternity test. It’s theoretically possible that there are two different fathers but not likely. Once the father is determined, and if he can be a responsible parent and can provide a loving and stable home for the children, then the twins may be better off with him and his family. But I’m hoping you will find your maternal instincts and choose to be the mother these babies need. The best scenario is to have both parents raise these twins. Otherwise, adoption may be a good option, but only if the twins stay together. Please make sure they grow up together, in a home where they are wanted and loved.

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