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  1. Medley says:

    I ditto what Blackberry said, dang, (s)he took the words right off my page. I could barely say it better.

    I am especially pleased that you honor and care for the firefighters as you do. I was a volunteer Firefighter for 6 years after being a flight attendant and a blackjack dealer and a SkiPatroller, waitress, singer in a band, marathon runner, and bank teller. Then became an RN in the ER for 23 years, now retired. Not too far off your road of “hats”! But alas, I’ve never been famous- only in my mind and my husband’s, right Ed? Ed?
    Anyway, I know how hard fire fighting truly is , it was by far one of the toughest thing I’ve done and this year has been beyond what is expected from any FF. My hat is off to you for your generosity. Gracias.

    In all these years I’ve always baked and cooked (Love it!) so that’s how I came upon your video for “Whiteball’s” cookies. Whatever you call it. I cracked up at your video. So
    Thank you for the laugh, it’s much welcome in this crazy 2020.

    If that’s hindsight, I want new glasses!

    Take care and have a Happy Healthy Thanksgiving ???‍?

    P.S. if you have any helpful tips for making flour tortillas I would appreciate it- my Mexican family would be ashamed of the ones I’ve attempted ?

  2. Steve B. says:

    Jenny I love you!

  3. blackberry says:

    Dear Jenny…I’ve been seeing your youtube cooking videos and fell in love with your hilarious little quips and quirky antics! So much so that I’ve been trying to find out who you are, as I grew up under a mossy rock 😀
    Its an understatement to say I’m completely in shock you’re a TV star and even more so that you are a wonderful person in spite of being so.

    I’ve been reading through some of this and can’t help but cry.
    Thank you for making such a difference and for caring about others more than yourself.
    Oh…and your recipes are amazing, too!

    Thank you

    • Christina says:

      I’m just the opposite… I was recently scrolling through cooking videos on YouTube and was stunned to see that Jenny has a cooking channel! I watched Jenny on tv for years when I was younger. My sisters and I were huge fans. She is just as charming and delightful in her cooking videos as she was on tv all those years ago…and her recipes WORK! Everything I’ve made has been delicious. Jenny, thank you for having integrity and for being so generous in so many ways. It’s easy to see how much thought, care, and experience go in to what you do. Thanks for sharing yourself with us!

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