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My New Website!!

Clipart Illustration of a Bunch Of Floating Party Balloons With

It’s finally here! My new website!

More cow bell! More party balloons!! I’m celebrating the launch of my new website and I’m so excited! It’s been a long wait but it’s so worth it. Plus, it’s now mobile-friendly, too! A big thank you to my friend and website developer, Robert Avedissian (Avetar Interactive) for his fabulous work on this new site and also to my assistant, Damon, for actually understanding what Robert was doing.

Thank you, Robert, for my awesome new home!!  See you at our celebration lunch. I’ll be the one with balloons!!! And a cow bell. Big hugs!! xoxoxo

p.s. My old (vintage) website is still available. Just click here.

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  1. Charnissa says:

    Hello Jenny, I hope all is well with you and your family. I really miss your show, and look forward to at least reading your blog. You are so caring, extremely talented, and it would be nice to see you on TV again. I will continue to follow your blog and pray for a new TV show with you as host.



  2. Rhonda says:

    Congrats to you, Jenny. The new website looks great. I’ve been roaming around a bit and I enjoy the new look. I love your home picture with you and your beautiful white picket fence. I read your bio and it grabs at me every time I read it. You have come a long way and worked so hard and it just touches my heart so much to know how much you care for others the way you do. You really and truly are a great person and again great job to you and the ones who helped you put this all together 😀

  3. Robert says:

    Thank you Jenny! I’m very excited to have the website launched, I’m celebrating now with a glass of 15-year-old Scotch. Looking forward to celebrating with you and Damon next week.

    Thank you so much for being such a great friend and my favorite client.

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