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My own flight attendant run-in

As a comic on the road I had to fly every week to work the clubs.  One time we were still at the gate and I had my carry-on bag on the floor, getting ready to put it away. “That needs to go under the seat,” said the flight attendant.  I said okay as I was getting organized with my book, snack, etc., “I mean now!” he screamed at me.  Everyone looked up.  He scared me actually, and I shoved it under the seat right away, thinking with that attitude, how does he keep his “people” job.  I wondered what he’d say when he came by with the drink cart but to my surprise, he apologized!  He said he was having a rough day and was out of line.  I didn’t expect that but I also wondered if he meant it or he just didn’t want to be reported (which I would never do). I chose to believe he meant it because he seemed sincere, and everyone is entitled to a bad day.  Having worked in sales and as a waitress, I know it can be challenging to deal with people all day, especially people in the stressful situation of flying today.  I can understand a flight attendant having a meltdown.  I’m surprised that he may go to jail and even more surprised that he has an ex-wife!

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  1. Terri says:

    Ex-wife is a stretch! They were married for less than a year 20 years ago. Does “beard” ring a bell. She also said he started out in fashion and would love to have his own clothing line. This could be just the ticket he needs to get there.
    I hope he does. I like his style! And yes, people are exceptionally rude and hostile these days. No class. No manners. No common decency.

  2. sue says:

    Speaking of the service business and nightmares!! When I was nineteen I tried the waitress thing. I took a family’s order and everything seemed fine. When the order was up, I brought the big tray of dinners over to them and started serving them. What they forgot to train me in was “balancing the plates.” I started taking them off from one side and the tray just went airborne! flipped right over all over the floor!! Thank God there were kids with them because the belly laughs were flying and I was almost crying from embarressment but the family reassured me and said “Thanks for the laugh!!!”


  3. Braden says:

    This man is my hero. I think everyone has the fantasy of quitting their job and doing something like this (or maybe I am just really unhappy with my employer) – this man did what everybody wants to do with style… I mean, to get on the intercom, say your piece, grab a beer – and then slide off the plane… brilliant.

    I don’t blame him one bit – I’m sure that the passenger had been a “pill” the entire flight. I, too, am in customer service… and let me tell you… some days…

    …and ditto on the “ex wife” 😉 My thoughts exactly.

  4. Rhonda says:

    I can relate to rude people. I work in retail and most customers are really nice but we do get some that can be really nasty and rude. I remember once I was working on the floor and a man came by and asked me if I could check in the back for something that wasnt on the shelf. I came back out and told him we were out and he pushed his cart into a display and he started swearing and being fussy. I had to walk away from him because he scared me so bad. After a few minutes I walked back out and he was gone…
    So yeah rude people can be frightening because you dont know what to expect when someone is that angry…

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