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My ruby-red gems

Look at my pomegranate tree!  It looks like the fruit is almost ready! And here’s the best part: they’re all still there!

No squirrels, skunks, deer, coyotes, rabbits, bobcats, snakes, lizards, or pomegranate-eating bugs got them! They’re still hard as a rock but it won’t be long. I have a special pomegranate eating throw that I use to cover myself and the surrounding furniture when I eat them because the seeds stain so badly.  You could probably use the juice for ink.

I know pomegranates go way back so I decided to look up their history online and look what I found:

 “The latest research shows that the pomegranate has been cultivated by mankind for more than 5,000 years. In former times the skin and juice were often used as ink as well as dye for oriental carpets.” Or to make scary blood stains for Halloween!!!

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  1. Irzan says:

    I bought some pomegranate recently and to my surprise as I scooped the pomegranate out to a plate I heard a “ting” sound. I end up with 2 seeds that is very very hard very much like a stone. Have anyone had or heard of such experience?

  2. sue says:

    Keep eating them!! They are soooo good for you. Our bodies need these kind of nutrients. All natures fruits and vegtables have a purpose and that’s what keeps you free from colds and everything else, including the green tea! Keep eating healthy my sista!!! And, keep teaching us!!


  3. Rhonda says:

    Wow, your pomegranates looking nice in color. I’ve just seeded one wednesday and it’s about gone. I like to chill it after cutting it and getting the seeds out and yes they are really messy. I cut mine at the dining table on a paper plate but a few seeds popped on the floor and I cleaned it up right away before it stained the kitchen 🙂
    Oh and Jenny I’m glad your pomegranates were left alone so you could enjoy them before the animals got’em 😉
    Take care everyone and have a fun and safe Halloween weekend 🙂


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