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No flu for you

Are you still home with the flu or a cold? Are you barely able to get out the words, “Can somebody please make me some soup?” Are you tired of getting sick every flu season? Well, you can do something about it… like don’t go where the flu is! Or, if you do go there, you might still prevent it by eating the right things that are known to boost your immune system. Look… I even made a video about it:

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  1. Mohammad says:

    I am sick already :/ , But I will try to follow your way not to get sick again!
    Saying that you haven’t been sick since you can remember listening to your 8 tracks is so ENCOURAGING!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rhonda says:

    Humm…Jenny, you seemed pretty healthy to me when you were on air. If you seemed stuffy to some people it could be allergies which is totally different than being sick with the flu. I’m just saying, but with the way you eat and carry those wipes around with you I believe you are a health bug in a good way and there’s nothing wrong with that. I believe you when you say you haven’t been sick since you can remember listening to your 8 tracks 😀

    I myself am a health bug when it comes to my job because there are so many people in and out of the store and sick I’m sure. I hate cleaning the glass milk doors. Knowing how often those doors are touched I where latex gloves when cleaning them because I know that they are full of germs. I try and clean the handle of the door first because they are more important to clean for the customers…

    • sue says:

      Hey Rhonda, it reminds me of being at work. I never sit on the toilet seat without wiping it down first with a Clorox wipe. Then I wash my hands and dry them off with a paper towel and grab the door with that paper towel and dispose of it outside the bathroom. We too have thousands of people coming through the funeral home. And my office is downstairs, so I share the bathrooms with the public. We just got back from a three mile walk with Kya. Trying to keep our minds off things right now. Thanks again for your words of kindness.


      • Rhonda says:

        We have a maintenance crew working 24/7 and restrooms are cleaned around the clock, plus we also have seat covers which I use regardless. I do the samething with the paper towel as well. I prop the door open with my foot so I won’t touch the door going back out it…lol…then I toss the paper towels…

        Oh and Sue you are quite welcome. What I said came from the heart. I know what you are going through with Teka being gone. I think we all know. Especially those who have lost a pet…

        Take it easy Sue and think happy thoughts of Teka…

  3. MARTY says:

    Do you remember which 8 track tape it was ? I could remember when you were doing your show and you sounded like had a cold for a couple days.

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