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No-Squirrel Zone

My back yard is now a No-Squirrel Zone. I finally took off the netting I had wrapped around my apple tree, the plastic hawk is gone, and my lovely Anna apples are getting a pink blush with no poke holes or bite marks.  I still saw two squirrels up in a pine tree making a lot of racket.  They were either fighting or having sex… maybe both, I couldn’t tell.  I’m making salmon patties and roasted potatoes for supper.

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  1. Rhonda says:

    Show’em who’s boss, Jenny. I’m on your side. We’ve had to do away with some bushes and things to keep them off the house because they nest in our attic, or use too rather. My dad stopped them from coming close to the attic. Plus I got couple cats that keeps them away sometime. They arent well mannered. They are very annoying creatures…

  2. MrsNews says:

    You know Jenny maybe you should leave a couple apples out for the squirrels everyday. You can bond with them. They can leave you some nuts…you can make a great dessert for them and sit in the yard swapping stories!

    Have a great evening…we are having tornadoes here…Kansas City!

    My kids are all accounted for…one family is out bowling and the other family is out looking for storm damage because they have no power!! Crazy kids!!

    I am sitting watching America’s Got Talent with a flashlight next to me. Crazy Mom!

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