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Opening Day for Shelah’s Place!

IMG_9690 copy

The new playground is finally open! There were hundreds of excited children, just waiting for us to cut the ribbon and then wow! They ALL ran past us to play! That was the moment I had dreamed about but seeing it in person was even better than I imagined.

IMG_9693 copyThey played on every single new piece of equipment, climbing, spinning, hanging upside down, and all I could hear was the sound of pure joy. This new play area is now the largest fully accessible playground in the city.

IMG_9713 copy

The triple slide seemed to be a big hit with the little ones, especially when they land on the new soft rubber safety surface.


It was hard to count but it looked like at least 300 kids ran on to play and we had about 1,000 people who came for the opening. It was so much fun, with free snow cones, cupcakes, and face-painting. Here’s a little girl who stopped to thank me for the new playground.

Face Paint copyI simply can’t put into words how rewarding this was for me and the joy that I felt seeing this playground in person. It took a team of people from the city who worked for almost a year to make it happen and my gratitude goes out to every one on the team. I appreciate how many people turned out for the opening on a beautiful, but hot, sunny day. Most importantly, I got the share this day with the person whose idea and vision made this all possible, my London Hometown Hero, Shelah Brook. Welcome to “Shelah’s Place.”

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    So cool, Jenny!!!

  2. Carolyn Self says:

    What a lovely gift to hundreds of children now and in the future. YOU are an “angel” to so many. Thank you for giving & giving! My family love trips to Canada every couple years. Lovely neighbors.
    Carolyn in Kentucky

  3. Peggy says:

    Dear Jenny,
    I take my Granddaughter to Shelah’s place most afternoon’s after meeting her school bus. This park is busy with kids and Momma’s and Daddy’s whenever we’re here. Thank you for your wonderful gift of this beautiful playground. It was so needed and now is so well used by so many families here in London Ontario.

  4. Marianne says:

    I spent the day with my grandchildren at springbank park. The playground was amazing. That was the longest they spent at any park.I wanted to thank you for your generous gift

  5. Judy Spencer says:

    Jenny…it warms my heart to know that it was the efforts of a village that pulled off this amazing play structure. We all come to this world with gifts to leave on the planet to make it a better place to live. Thank you for allowing us to play a small part of this wonderful experience.

  6. marysia says:

    Hello Jenny

    My friend Jenette Kocemba was in the park to see you as she knew your parents.
    She had a picture taken with you and she would like a copy for keep sake


    • Jenny says:

      Marysia, I’m very sorry but no one from my team recalls taking a photo with Jenette or we would have also asked where to send it. There were many photographers there at the park and it may have been someone from the press who took the photo. I wish I could help but I don’t know who all the photographers were.

  7. Nicole says:

    What a beautiful playground and lovely gift to this community! I absolutely love this! Bravo ❤️

  8. Mike Los says:


    It was a pleasure to meet you and your sister Liz at the official ribbon cutting ceremony for the “state-of-the art” new playground at Springbank Park in London, Ontario.

    The donation that you have made to the City of London is Precious, but the kindness in your heart is Priceless!

    Shelah Brook definitely hit a home run out of the park with her idea and vision!

  9. Mike Hexamer says:

    We are so thrilled with this beautiful playground and especially proud to be a part of this rewarding experience. Thanks to Jenny Jones and the City of London for allowing us to be a part of this!
    New World Park Solutions

    • Jenny says:

      This playground was even better than I ever expected… bigger, more colorful, and with even more features than I had remembered. Thank you for the great job in creating this wonderful new playground.

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