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Rain Report 4 p.m.: It rained the hardest today…

Rain Report 4 p.m.: It rained the hardest today, sideways part of the time. But by dinner time, the rain stopped and it seems like the worst is over. It’s still going to rain tonight, and tomorrow but not as heavy. Then the rain starts back up Monday… oh well. The city has had mud slides and rock slides and we’ll see if the saturated hills hold up. So far, the mud slides have not taken down any houses, probably thanks to all the sandbags and K-rails everyone put up to divert the flow. I miss my walks, so for exercise, I walked around the house, up and down the stairs. I can’t wait to see the sun again.

Second Rain Report 11 p.m.: Just after I posted the entry above, it started raining really hard again. By the time we had dinner, there was lightening and thunder, and a few minutes later – hail and very strong winds. Around that time, there was another tornado, this time in Ventura, that lifted trees and seriously damaged some homes. Then after dinner, we heard helicopters hovering above the house. I couldn’t believe they were flying in the strong winds, but it turns out a power pole came down on Mulholland Drive causing power outages close by. We’re not done yet.

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