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Rain Report: It poured down hard most of the day..

Rain Report: It poured down hard most of the day with so much wind it was raining sideways. I went out to buy a rain slicker and rubber boots and driving along Mulholland, there were microwave-size boulders on the road as well as many smaller rocks and a tree that fell across the road. There were flooded areas all along the road so drivers were swerving to avoid either the rocks or the sitting water. It was a scary drive but I got my slicker so I could go out and check the drains around the house. Some were clogged with leaves and debris so I cleared them away and 20 minutes later, they were clogged again. I guess the water was flowing so fast, it kept picking up debris every time. Authorities have started evacuating people from the burn areas because if mud starts coming down, it can take a house with it. On the bright side, the roof’s not leaking.

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