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“Shut your pie hole!”

Grocery shopping is something I enjoy. I find it relaxing to cruise up & down the aisles looking for new products and seeing what produce just came out. But it wasn’t fun today because I was forced to listen to an obnoxious, self-centered woman talking on her cell phone… did I say talking? I meant hollering into her cell phone. She sounded like Fran Drescher on crack. Let me put it this way: If the store was on fire and you had to alert everyone on the loud speaker to evacuate or die, she’d be the one to do it… without the loud speaker. Here’s what I was subjected to in the produce department: “Do you want me to get some wine? I don’t know, it doesn’t really matter. Do you want red? I guess white would be okay. Or maybe red would be better. Maybe we don’t need any wine. What are we going to be having? Red then? I don’t know. Maybe white. What? It doesn’t really matter, but if you want red then… blah, blAH, BLAH!!” I’m not kidding, did she have no idea the decibel level of her searing, grating, voice? I finally stopped, unable to focus on my melons, and gave her the evil eye. I’ll just stare her down and maybe she’ll get the message, I thought. No chance. She just glanced at me, oblivious to the gigantic sound waves emanating from her face, and kept yapping. I tried to escape to the fish department and guess who came around the corner? Princess Von Loudenheimer. I swear some of the frozen fish even woke up. I wanted to say “Shut your pie hole!” but that’s not my style. What a shame if her BMW accidently ran over a mysterious pile of nails. I only thought about it. Okay, I didn’t have any nails.

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  1. Sue says:

    Too funny!! Me and my friend Lisa were in the store oneday and there was an obnoxious woman just like that (maybe she traveled!!) There weren’t too many people in the store so I called Lisa who walked ten feet away and we both started talking really loud to eachother and followed the woman down every aisle. People were staring and laughing!! I’d rather not confront people either but I think she got our subtle hint!!


  2. MrsNews says:

    I hate when people talk loudly on the cell phone in public! It is rude, rude rude! When I get a call, I get up and leave the area if I can’t end the conversation. BUT the thing I really find sad is seeing how many adults are sitting in a resturant with kids and it is perfectly quiet at the table. The parent is staring into space and the kid is texting to all of their friends!! So sad, so very, very sad!


    • Rhonda says:

      I’ve mentioned working in retail, so I’m around people who talk on their cellphones alot and yes they can be very loud and annoying. I agree it is rude! Why do people have to literally yell into the phone?…
      Being around these people who have no manners I have to say it can be embarrassing when some loud mouth walks up and I turn around thinking they are wanting help with something. I speak, not knowing they are on their bluetooth is really frustrating and a little embarrassing…
      I don’t like to interrupt people when talking while having a conversation. I find it rude, but I dont feel bad for interrupting someone who is not respecting the people around them…

      Kathy, I agree with what you say about kids and texting. Parents don’t interact with their children anymore and those are the ones that run wild…
      Oh and Jenny, I can’t see you confronting someone and giving them a piece of your mind when frustrated. I dont see it being your style either. I think you would be too nice. The blah blah blah just shows it really bugged you….

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