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My stepmom is still here and we are going back to the Veterans Hospital tomorrow. I expect us to be there most of the day so this time, I’m bringing a picnic lunch so we can all eat healthy. I’ve packed water, hard-boiled eggs, salt & pepper, homemade bread and blueberry cake, almonds, apples, tangerines, and a banana. I realize this survival kit could take us across the Mojave Desert but it will be a touch of home during a stressful day of medical tests for her husband.

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  1. Becky says:

    Jenny, sounds like you are set. Hope you have a great day—best of luck to your stepmom’s husband….hope he gets along very well! Here’s hoping for good news to the test results!


  2. Dana Stephens says:

    Jenny, my best wishes will be with you all today, and let everyone know that I care. I have no doubt your survival kit will help get you all through the day!

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