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Tequila is not my friend

Last night I was craving Mexican food so we went to El Torito.  We’ve been there over the years and it was always dependable so this time, I was even going to have a margarita. That was my first mistake but I’ll get to that later. They fry their own tortilla chips and brought those first, so greasy they had a sheen.  They should have served them with latex gloves.  The main reason for going to El Torito is they make guacamole at your table.  The guacamolier put in too much salt, so now we have bad guacamole on an oil-slicked chip. But my margarita (I rarely drink alcohol) was keeping my standards low as I awaited my crispy tacos.  Did I say crispy?  Imagine the greasy tortilla chips only bigger. And heavier.  I picked one up and the weight & viscosity caused the bottom to fall out into a greasy mess.  The Gulf of Mexico came to mind.  Was it the Mexican food, or was it the oil slick on my plate?  By the end of my margarita, I imagined the kitchen staff washing pelicans in the back sink.  When we got up to leave, I felt a bit dizzy (of course – alcohol on an empty stomach!) and only wanted to take a nap.  Or eat.  The next time I crave Mexican food and see an El Torito, I’ll make like that west Texas town… el Pass-o.

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  1. Rhonda says:

    Oh no, Jenny, if it’s not one thing it’s another. Now youre having issue outside the home. A messing taco isnt a good thing at all. We took a trip to Florida a couple years ago and the mexican food was terrible. The meat for the tacos smelled like dog food and the cheese taste like plastic. It wasnt a good experience at all. It actually turned me against getting another taco for a while…

    Margaritas are my favorite mix drink. I had plenty of margaritas on my Cruise. Not all in one day of course but having alcohol on an empty stomach is for the birds. How did you feel this morning? Just wondering because I got sea sick Wednesday. I think it was because maybe I had one too many margaritas Tuesday evening and not enough food. I shouldve just had 2 and held back on that 3rd one, plus the waters coming back home was horrible…

    Oh and Ive uploaded pictures if you care to take a look…

    Take care,

  2. MrsNews says:

    I so understand the drink part! I can only have half of one and I am a goner. Greasy Mexican food=rented food….always shows up the next day. BUT I love it. I am on a road trip with my husband thru the Southwest right now. Arizona for 5 days currently in New Mexico headed back to the Midwest. Mexican food is abundant everywhere…did I mention my DH HATES Mexican food!!


  3. Becky says:

    OMG Jenny, hope you had some Kaopectate or something!!! Yuck..nothing worse than greasy food. Well, a few things, but it ranks right up there.

    Btw, almost half-way done with your book–what a read!!!!

    Watching women’s tennis (Wimbledon) GO MARIA~~~~!!!!!

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