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The bees are mocking me

The bees are back. The exterminators have been here three times, they removed the hive from the attic, they sprayed inside and out, and they came back a third time just to say “good riddance.” So last night I went in my bathroom and there were a dozen bees flying around.  Actually, there was a dead one on my toothbrush!!  Yughkk!! My bathroom is directly below that section of the attic and when you turn on the ceiling lights, it draws the bees. They are mocking me and I don’t like it, but I will win this one.

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  1. Rhonda says:

    Boy, Jenny. Ive been on vacation for a week and you are still having problems with those pesty bees. I heard mothballs are good to keep squirrels and snakes out of attics, basements and garage, so maybe trying mothballs would keep them from coming back. Just dont use too many at once…

    Take care,

  2. MrsNews says:

    You would think that they would be gone since the hive is gone. Did you take pictures of them removing the hive. Had it been there long? I hope you had the exterminators come out one more time….eeewwww….I didn’t know bee’s had teeth!!

    • Jenny says:

      The exterminator came back today and cannot find any more of the hive in the attic and he looked everywhere for bees. He even listened inside the wall with a stethoscope and didn’t hear any buzzing, but there were a few bees flying around. I said, “Why don’t you check this one’s blood pressure – he’s still alive!” He didn’t laugh but maybe he didn’t hear me in his bee suit. The hive has been there about five months. He thinks the bees are smelling a bit of leftover honey so he sprayed again and he’s coming back next week for another look. He said he would seal any openings he can find with foam. Meantime, I’m showering in the guest bathroom.

      • sue says:

        what attracts bees? It takes me back to the first season of Two and a half Men. Now do you remember the episode when Jake let all the seaguls into his room? Charlie was livid and he got feed that would loure them all off. What do bees love? That’s my suggestion Jenny, loure them off to something that they love. Flowers? A male bee???? just kidding! Spray pepper spray it does work!!

    • sue says:

      I have read alot of emails from you and I have learned that you work for Hospice. I work for one of the most popular funeral homes in Bethlehem, PA and I have do receive death calls all the time, I’m just wondering, do you live in pennsylvania???

  3. Will says:

    Maybe a new queen moved in?
    I guess you have to admire thier tenacity.
    Too bad you can’t just reason with them and help them find a better place to set up a new hive!

    Thanks for answering my last question about things you miss about Canada.
    You can’t get butter tarts there?
    Want be to send a batch down there? LOL

    • Jenny says:

      It’s a good thing I can’t get butter tarts down here. Could there be anything worse for you than pie crust, butter, sugar, and eggs? You’d be better off eating a box of donuts!

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