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The sun is back…

The sun is back! I made pancakes for breakfast and then Denis and I went to Franklin Canyon to see the ducks in the lake and so I could take pictures (here’s a duck taking a nap). On the way home I spotted a rabbit running along the road. I had my camera so here is the best shot I could get before he took off down a hill. I have to admit I was happy that Canada won the hockey game today and won the gold. It’s Canada’s national sport and it was their turf, I mean their ice. Like most Canadians, I grew up ice skating every weekend. I love it but I haven’t skated since I fell on the ice and broke my shoulder – that was about 20 years ago. It’s hard to watch the earthquake pictures from Haiti and Chile and not be anxious about living in California. Most nights when I’m falling asleep, I think “I hope it’s not tonight…”

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